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Home Depot in Monroe is hiring
home depot

Home Depot in Monroe is hiring. Click on the relevant link for more information.

Latest job postings at UGA

The University of Georgia has new job postings. Many of these jobs are located on the Athens Campus.


Movies at the Mill return next month

If you missed out on Movies at the Mill in the summer of 2014, there is good news.

Clearview to host Senior Circle Bingo

Clearview Regional Medical Center and Clearview Hospital Auxiliary will host Senior Circle Bingo.

Community News

Freedom Fest in Monroe on July 4

The annual Freedom Fest in Monroe will take place on July 4, beginning at 5 p.m. at Legion Field in Monroe.

Free library events in Monroe over the summer
Free library events

If you're looking for something for the little ones to do during the summer vacation, Uncle Remus library in Monroe has some options for you.

Monroe Residents Graduate from Mercer University
graduate 1

The following area residents graduated from Mercer University during the University's spring commencements: Lucy Jordan, of Monroe, earned a Bachelor of Science from Mercer's College of Liberal Arts Heather Hansen, of Lilburn, earned a Master of Business Administration from Mercer's Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics Mercer conferred bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to more than 1,800 students representing all 12 schools and colleges at five ceremonies during May in Macon, Atlanta and Savannah.

Independence Celebration Saturday in Social Circle
Social Circle Independence Day

Independence celebrations come early to the local area with a parade in Loganville on Saturday morning, June 27, and another one in Social Circle later that afternoon.

Sparrow Hill Inn has official ribbon Cutting a year after opening
Ribbon Cutting of Sparrow Hill Inn, Monroe, Ga. 2015

It was about this time last year that Sparrow Hill Inn in Monroe first opened its doors and offered a new kind of chic to Walton County.


Armadillo Rerun Part 2
Photo credit: Armadillo

This is part two in a series.  For part one, click here. I’ve never shot and killed anything in my life.  This is partly because I grew up on Long Island where the population density means that if you fire a gun in any direction at any time of day or night you are guaranteed […]

Armadillo Rerun
Photo credit: Armadillo

My house has a history with armadillos.  In fact, the name of my next book, currently in the production stages, is “The Armadillo, The Pickaxe, and the Laundry Basket,” based on the time when an armadillo tunneled its way into my bedroom one night.  As it turned out, the armadillo and his army of armadillo […]

An Ode to Mom Jeans

I’ve had a longstanding rule at my lake house.  The house, located in the muddy armpit of Lake Oconee, is designed to be an oasis.  Nothing stressful is supposed to happen there.  We have no television access, so you can’t watch the news to find out who was brutally murdered or who was maimed in […]

Sauce Packet Wisdom
taco bell

I have to admit that I spend an inordinate amount of time at Taco Bell for someone my age.  I associate Taco Bell with college, when I could get a taco or bean burrito for the amount of change I could find in the sofa cushions.  It’s a little more expensive now, but, then again, […]

Living Inside the Box

There are two primary ways in which our brains are wired in the Duff household.  One way is that of my son and I.  Jacob and I?  We like the box.  We find the walls of the box comforting.  We like rules and lists and limits and structure.  There are plenty of toys to play […]


Obituary: Dorothy Broach Carithers, 93, of Monroe

Mrs. Dorothy Broach Carithers of Monroe, passed away June 23, 2015 at 93.

Obituary: Joyce Ann Studdard, 78, of Monroe

Joyce Ann Studdard, age 78, of Monroe, died on June 25, 2015.

Obituary and funeral services: Ronnie Helton, 58, of Monroe

Ronnie Helton, age 58, of Monroe, passed away on Tuesday June 23, 2015.

Obituary and funeral services: James Madison ‘Jimmy’ Evans, Jr., 78, of Monroe

James Madison "Jimmy" Evans, Jr., age 78, of Monroe, died on June 14, 2015.

Obituary and funeral services: Dorothy Anne Arnold, 66, of Monroe

Dorothy Anne Arnold, age 66, of Monroe, died on June 11, 2015.


URGENT! Lost Rescue Dog Valdosta

My foster dog, Goofy has escaped my house!

UPDATE: Lost Female Senior Yorkie is home

UPDATE: Marley has been located and reunited with her family!

REUNITED! 2 Lost Dogs!! Walnut Grove/Loganville

Both dogs were found about an hour ago near their home.

UPDATE: ‘Buster’ is home
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.37.53 PM

UPDATE: 'Buster' is back home.

UPDATE: Harley was found and is now home!
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 4.33.00 PM

UPDATE: Harley's owner said someone saw her off Marable Street this afternoon.


LEGALESE — Aggressive Driving
Lori Duff

Aggressive Driving is sometimes called the “road rage” statute.  Most of us have experienced road rage at some point.  Whether this is expressed as a muttered epithet or dangerous behavior, or somewhere along the spectrum, matters in terms of the law.

Legalese — Child Safety Seats

All of us want our children to be safe, and all of us will do anything we need to in order to keep our children protected from that which might hurt them.  Right?  Right?  Wrong.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that don’t happen on a regular basis, at least as I can tell from the number of tickets that people get about child safety seats.

Legalese — Points on Your License

Most people who have had some kind of run in with a traffic ticket have heard the phrase and/or been concerned with “points on my license.”  But do you know what that means, exactly?

Team Up Mentoring Summer Camp in Monroe is under way
Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.21.52 PM

A group of 4 to 7 year olds gather around a homemade “campfire” for a story about trees.  Afterwards, they learn about circumference by measuring tree trunks for their age.  The oldest tree they find?  59 years old!  Games, Bible verse memory, and yoga round out the morning.  Lunch is distributed from FISH 4 KIDS.  Kids hop on the van to ride home and chat about the upcoming field trip to Fernbank Museum.  Tomorrow, we’ll have camp for 8-12 year olds.

Legalese — Pleading Nolo
Credit: Morguefile

One thing I have found while sitting as a traffic court judge is that most people have heard the legalese phrase “nolo contendere,” or, at the very least, “a nolo plea” but most people, even the ones who want to take advantage of it and know how to spell it, have very little idea what it means or what the consequences are (or are not.) Nolo contendere is a Latin phrase that literally translates to, “I will not contest it.”  Basically, you aren’t admitting that you did anything wrong, but you aren’t really denying it either, and you are willing to accept consequences as if you had done the act.  The chief difference is that if you have entered a plea of nolo contendere, the plea can’t be automatically used against you in a civil action.  For example, if you are in an accident and charged with making an improper left turn, and you plead nolo in traffic court, you will still have the fine to pay, and maybe a defensive driving class to take, but in the related personal injury lawsuit, it can’t be used as an admission of guilt.  It also doesn’t count when you are talking about holding public office, voting rights, jury service, or any other civil disqualification.