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Benchmark in Bethlehem seeks office co-ordinator

Benchmark Rehab Partners is looking for an office co-ordinator. The position is located in Bethlehem Georgia.

Walton County has new job postings
Walton county

The Walton County government has new job postings. Click on the relevant link for more information.


Bostons, BBQ and Blues Festival

Blues, BBQ and Boston Terriers headed for Monroe this spring.

10th Annual Classic Car Show scheduled for next month
Photo credit: Morguefile

The 10th Annual Classic Car Show in downtown Monroe has been scheduled.

Community News

Weekend antique festival to take place in Monroe this spring
Antiques. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

If you’re into antiques, Walton County is the place to be, especially this spring.

Clearview to host Senior Circle Bingo in cafeteria

Clearview Regional Medical Center and Clearview Hospital Auxiliary will host Senior Circle Bingo.

First Presbyterian Church of Monroe news and events
First Presbyterian Church of Monroe. Contributed photo

This Sunday (3/1) Pastor Rogers’ sermon, “Which of the Two?” is based on Matthew 27.11-26.

Pet vaccine clinic at Paradox this weekend

There is a vaccine clinic at Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic near Walnut Grove High School on Saturday.

Calendar of weekend and upcoming week events
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Looking for something to do this weekend in Walton County?


Too Old for Overtime
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I watched the Duke/UNC college basketball game the other night.  As a Duke alum, I’m pretty sure I signed something upon graduation saying that they could take away my diploma if I didn’t watch this game.  Which is fair enough, because I would never not watch it on purpose.

I Want a Ten Minute Vice

I had reason to say this today: I wish I smoked.

I Forgot What I Remember
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My son took the SAT the other day.

Library Police

I’m afraid to go back to the library.


On the one hand.  I don’t really like Pinterest very much.  It is full of recipe and craft ideas that seem specifically designed to make me feel like a complete and total slacker who has failed her family in every imaginable way.  If all the other women out there can somehow manipulate marshmallows and chocolate chips into snowmen, make bento box lunches with fruits and veggies arranged just so in the recognizable shape of Princess Elsa, put up a delicious crockpot meal before heading to work, and get firm abs with only fifteen minutes of exercise a day, why can’t I?


Obituary: Charlie Boyd Walker, 93, of Madison

Charlie Boyd Walker, age 93, of Madison, died on February 25, 2015.

Obituary and funeral arrangements: Helen Therese Castro, 83, of Campton

Helen Therese Castro, age 83, of Campton, died on February 25, 2015.

Obituary and funeral arrangements: Orville ‘Doodah’ Roberts, 79, of Monroe
Credit Morguefile

Orville “Doodah” Roberts, age 79, of Monroe, GA passed away on Monday, February 23, 2015.

Obituary and funeral arrangements: Vickie Albee, 55,

Miss Vickie Albee, age 55, of Lawrenceville, GA passed away on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

Obituary: Polly Ann Forrester, 79, of Monroe
Photo credit: Morguefile

Polly Ann Forrester, age 79, of Monroe, died on February 22, 2015.


2 Black Labs Found Bold Springs

Found near Bold Springs.

UREGENT! Lost Male Shih Tzu Foster Dog -Between Area

Urgent lost dog!

REUNITED!! Found Male Mixed Small Breed Dog Near Dacula

Kristy Corley Elmore, a member of Lost and Found Pets of Gwinnett and Walton Counties facebook group recongnized Scrappy and was able to contact the owner to get him home!!

Young pit bull, missing in Monroe
Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.26.57 AM

Have you seen Dixie, a young pit bull that went missing in Monroe on Feb.

URGENT!! Lost Senior Female Black Chihuahua IN NEED OF LIFE SUSTANING MEDICINE Houchton

If anyone in the Houchton area finds a black Chihuahua please let me know my father in laws dog hes had 8yrs.


Legalese — Witness Subpoenas
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The only thing more nerve wracking than a Deputy Sheriff showing up at your door unannounced is getting a piece of certified mail from an unknown sender.  It is only rarely that good news comes in the form of unexpected certified mail.

Legalese — Divorce vs. Annulment
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Unfortunately, a lot of people come into my office wanting to get divorced.  A very few come in wanting their marriage to be annulled.  Very few people have a clear handle on which is appropriate and when.

Legalese — Yard Signs
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Groundhog’s Day was this month, and whether or not you think what a rodent does or does not see has anything to do with the weather, it does mean that the hope of spring isn’t too far in the future.  With spring comes spring cleaning, and with spring cleaning comes garage sales, and with garage sales comes cardboard signs on the side of the road popping up like so many daffodils.

Legalese — Red Light Cameras
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WaltonCounty doesn’t have any infamous ‘red light cameras,’ but a lot of the surrounding areas do.  Red light cameras are basically surveillance devices set up at intersections that automatically take pictures of vehicles going through the intersection when there is a red light.  The cameras are positioned to take pictures of the license plates of the vehicles, so there can be no mistake about which gold colored Toyota Camry went through the light.

Legalese — Home Alone

A lot of people ask me what the “legal age” for leaving kids alone at home is.