We tried to desperately to locate the owners on October 22nd when Wanda Sessions found this little guy who had been attacked by a wild animal.  Today with deep sadness I report he has gotten his wings and is no longer with us.

With schools being out this week, I will leave this Post up in case his owners are indeed away and seek information.  I can tell you, In his time of need he was snuggled and loved by Wanda.

This little fellow was found on Chandler Haulk Rd. He is a white intact male chihuahua or terrier mix with a light purple fabric collar. He has serious injuries from a attack by a wild animal and is now at Walton County Animal Control located at 1411 S. Madison Avenue, Monroe, Georgia Office (770) 267-1322    Fax (770) 267-4033 

you may also contact the woman who kindly cared for him during his time of need and comforted him at 404-933-9795



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