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Well folks, let me say that it is great to be a part of Monroe-Local and we look forward to many posts in the future!

This post is an avenue for discussion about whatever is on your mind that you need to just get off of your chest.  We only ask that you follow 3 simple rules:

1) No name calling, business or personal.

2) Though you may not agree with the post or comments of others keep your banter respectful.

3) No foul language.

Failure to abide by these rules will get you banned!!!


My rant for this week is actually about Christmas.  Yeah, I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but as I walked through 3 local stores (corporate stores) the Christmas decorations were already out in full swing!  Can we not get through one holiday, let alone two holidays before we break out the Christmas and Festivus decor?  And yes, I understand that there are some people who like to celebrate early, but come on, October?  Besides, everyone knows the best time to buy said decor is after Christmas is over anyways.  Instead of paying $79.99 for a 10 ft Douglas Fir Christmas tree wait till the 27th and pay $19.99.  Now if they put out the decorations with post holiday prices, well then maybe this rant wouldn’t exist, but until that day this rant just possibly may re-occur every year.

Hey wait.  What is that?  I think I see Easter decorations next to Valentines stuff…..

Vent away everyone, but remember the rules!!!  And hey, go tell someone about !!!

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