Does sparing the rod spoil the child?

Is it OK to spank a child or are other forms of discipline a better way to go?Smack

According to a study recently published in Pediatrics, it is not a good idea to spank a child at the age of 5. The study indicates that children who were spanked at age 5 were more likely to score lower on vocabulary tests, be more aggressive and act out more.

According to the study, the behavior of children who were spanked at age 5, appeared to manifest differently depending on whether the spankings were at the hand of the mother or the father. Spankings at the hand of the mother seemed, in some instances, to result in more aggression and at the hand of the father in lower vocabulary test scores.

In a story on, Elizabeth Gershoff, a researcher on parental discipline at the University of Texas at Austin, said this study backs up her earlier findings that spankings do not work. She contends that yelling and timeouts also do not work. According to Gershoff, reasoning produces better results when dealing with discipline issues in young children.

So what do you think? Does sparing the rod really spoil the child or is using the rod likely to cause more damage in the long term?

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