Florida Georgia Line’s success continues

This year has been a whirlwind for Florida Georgia Line, the hot, new country music duo starring Brian Kelley, from Florida, and Monroe hometown boy Tyler Hubbard. As reported in The Daily Herald recently, they are “shattering music records while taking Nashville by storm.”

The Daily Herald reports that Florida Georgia Line is only the second act in history to have its first three singles hit the top of the country charts and stay there for weeks on end. These singles were “Cruise,” “Get Your Shine on” and “Round Here,” filmed in part in Monroe, Ga.

The duo also hasn’t been short on nominations – and in many cases wins – in various music and choice awards. According to Wikipedia, in 2013 alone these include:

  • Three nominations for Academy of County Music Awards with two wins
  • A nomination for Top County Song for “Cruise” Billboard Music Awards
  • Four nominations and two wins in the Country Music Awards
  • Four nominations for Teen Choice Awards
  • Four nominations for American Choice Awards – results still pending.

In addition, the duo has been invited to perform at the American Choice Awards and has now been included in the 2014 pre-nominations for the People’s Choice Awards. The community can help bring these awards home for Florida Georgia Line by voting their support.

Follow these links and vote to help Florida Georgia Line’s success follow them into 2014.

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