Help, I Lost My Dog! What Do I Do?

Here are some tips on what you can do.

Step One: Begin Your Search In Your Own Neighborhood
No matter how strong or fast a dog may be, they rarely continue running in a straight line. For this reason, lost dogs are usually found within a 2 mile radius of their home. So begin searching for your dog by combing through neighborhoods near your house. Check along some of the routes you take your dog on walks on because dogs tend to follow familiar scents and re-mark their territory.Take a moment and think where your dog might run to find company and comfort. Is there a family member close by who often gives your dog treats? Do you have a neighbor that your dog enjoys playing with? Is there a dog park near your home that your dog enjoys playing in? Go through all these locations in your mind. Make sure to check and double check your backyard and home (between bushes, underneath porches etc). Sometimes, if a dog is scared or spooked, he may burrow himself somewhere quiet and cool right near your home.

Step Two: Get Your Community Involved in Spreading the Word /Facebook It!!
Remember, the first 24 hours are critical in finding your dog. So, within the first day, rally your local friends and family and have them spread the word on Facebook. Local lost and found pet groups like Walton County GA Pets and Georgia’s Missing Pets spread the word through members sharing the ad made for your pet all over Facebook. Increasing the awareness. Make sure you include your number and important information of where your dog was last seen.
Be sure to print fliers and get them out onto stop signs and all over your neighborhood. You do not need to be a graphic designer in today’s world to do this. Websites like allow you not only post your lost dog but it generates a instant flier for you to print. You can even print one copy at home and bring into any local walmart or walgreens and make inexpensive large quantities copies

Step Three: Go In Person To Local Shelters
File Lost Dog reports with pictures and walk the entire shelter
Notify local Vets and Even Pet Shops & Groomers
More times than not, if a person sees a domestic looking dog roaming the streets, they will likely pick them up and take them to the local vet, animal hospital, pet groomers or shelter. Call and check these locations in your area first and leave them a contact number so they know where to reach you. Also, leave a flyer with your dog’s photograph and description so that workers and volunteers know exactly what to look for.

Step Four: Bring your Pets Favorite Toys and Treats with you as you Search And Remain Calm while you are searching. A dog on the loose is not the same dog you know. They are frightened and confused and after time get a stray dog mentality.
While you’re out looking for your dog, bring a toy that makes a familiar sound or a treat that your dog loves. This may bring him running back to you. Also, when you find him, he might be a little nervous and stressed, these things will calm him down and decrease anxiety. Put the dog’s bed filled with toys or food outside of the home, doing so will make it more likely that your dog can sniff his way back home.

Step Five If your dog is micro-chipped you can notify the chip company that your dog is lost, and monitor online if the dog was scanned and the location.


Georgia’s Missing Pets

Walton County GA Pets

Pictured: Sheltie still missing in Monroe since July 28

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