Clearview Pediatrics to get new physician

Clearview Pediatrics in Loganville is getting a new pediatric physician in the new year.

According to Emily Russell, marketing director for Clearview Regional Medical Center, interviews are currently being conducted for the position.

“We are interviewing several. We want to make sure we find the right fit,” Russell said, going on to say that there will be no other changes to the office and it is definitely not closing. “We are still accepting new patients. The doctor we have has taken another position, but there will be no other changes at all.”

According to Russell, although Dr. Mehwish Sheikh will no longer be with the practice in the new year, the rest of the staff will remain the same.

“We also have the records from Loganville Pediatrics. So anyone who needs those records, we have them,” Russell said.

Loganville Pediatrics closed last year following the death of its founder, Dr. Melva S. Lameda. The remaining medical records that had not been retrieved by patients at the time of its closing were transferred to Clearview Pediatrics. The office is located at 7766 Hampton Place in Loganville. The phone number for the office is 770-554-8884.


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