Could Amazon-like companies ruin local business?

If you own a local or small business and you haven’t seen the above video already, you need to.  The large retail conglomerate known as Amazon, known for its wide variety of products and rock bottom low prices, is in the process of changing the way people shop – yet again.

As if buying virtually anything imaginable and then having it delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days isn’t convenient enough, Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos and his company have been trying to find ways to get you your items faster and it seems they’ve found a way.  The company has recently added Sunday delivery, but that’s not what I’m referring to. Amazon is in the testing phase of delivery drones; helicopter-like delivery drones that are equipped with a GPS-like device that will deliver 5 pound or lighter items straight to your door in 30 minutes, if you live within distance of a qualifying distribution center.

As a consumer the overall idea sounds great, fun and convenient, but I want to know what small business owners think about this? Does this worry you? Do you feel that the overall concept of consumers not having to “wait” for their items will eventually affect the nature of small business? Do you fear these large companies at all?

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