REUNITED! Found White Chihuahua With Pillow Monroe Bizarre Twist Ending

On April 16th a member of my local lost and found group on Facebook, Lost and Found Pets of Gwinnett and Walton Counties posted this:

Robin Yarbrough in Monroe
April 16 at 8:53pm
Somebody actually walked up on my screened porch and left a male white chiwahwa and locked him in. They left a blanket and food. I desperately need to find a home for him. I have too many cats. He is very sweet and house broken.

Robin,myself and Lisa Davis Perkins had no idea what was in store for all us. It was obvious whoever would leave an animal in someone’s home with food and something to snuggle with was a caring person.

So did they need help?
So I quickly wrote a article asking if they need assistance in order to keep him. As I felt this dog was left in such a lovingly way.

While I spread the ads, Lisa Perkins who lives in Mansfleid GA who had lost a 10-year-old male Chihuahua a month ago took notice instantly that it looked like her Dudley. This morning we arranged for a meet. Could this dog that was left by a kind person who obviously cared enough not to leave him on the street or at a high shelter be Dudley ?

Well yes indeed it was Dudley!!!

Two very big heart felt Thank You’s are due. First to someone we may never find out who they are. For finding Dudley, keeping him safe and bringing him to someone else that could help. To Robin Yarbrough for loving him, keeping him warm and even snuggling every night in bed with him.

It truly takes a village to make magic happen, I love the village In which I live in!

Original Post below

We know you must love him..As you left him lovingly with his favorite pillow and food at someone’s home. I am reaching out to you to see if their is anything we can do to help you. Pet food? Pet Clinic? In order to keep him . Please call me my cell is 609 902 9282




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