Charlotte Rowell extension to open before school starts

It may looks like nothings happening, but officials with the Georgia Department of Transportation say that the Charlotte Rowell extension will be open before students return to classrooms at the end of summer break.

Charlotte Rowell extension in Monroe, Ga.
Charlotte Rowell extension in Monroe, Ga.

“Charlotte Rowell will open before school starts,” said Teri Pope, communications officer for the Northeast District of Georgia DOT, going on to explain what is left to do. “Upgrade signal equipment at the intersection of Charlotte Rowell and SR 11. We need to add two new strain poles to hold the additional signal heads and upgrade the traffic signal equipment or the computer that runs the intersection. There is also some new striping and signage that must go in at this intersection. The exit ramp from SR 10/US 78 to SR 138 is getting a new signal so all the strain poles (that support and hold up the signals) will be installed, the new equipment (signal heads, cabinet and computer) along with new striping and signage.”

Pope said the new strain poles, equipment and signage are currently on order.

The entire project is scheduled for completion in November 2014, but officials expected it to open well ahead of schedule. Initially, it was thought it would be done by spring, but officials now say at least before school starts on Aug. 11, 2014.

The section that intersects with Highway 11 north and across from the current high school opened in December. Once it is all complete, officials say the section of Double Springs Church Road that runs in front of the Board of Education will be deleted and a cup de sac will be construction just up from the BOE entrance.

GDOT officials say that when complete, this 1.55 mile long, $4.1 million construction project will extend two lanes of SR 138 from its current end at the SR 10/US 78 interchange to SR 11 at Double Springs Church Road.

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