Paws Of Hope – The Tale Of Charlie The Yorkie Reunited After One Year! Search For Maggie Continues

When speaking to  Christel Ehret, you can hear the raw emotion in every word she speaks. Such Happiness mixed with deep sadness as Maggie has still not been found. Celebrating and grieving at the same time.

Christel Ehret remembers August 7th 2013 with the saddest of memories. After giving her two Yorkies, Maggie and Charlie, a bathing skin treatment they vanished from her property in St Marys, Ga. Both dogs are seniors with medical conditions that require daily medications and panic soon set in to find them. She put thousands of flyers up all around her neighborhood and local businesses, walked hours on end each day in her search. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and August 7th this year,  marked the one year anniversary of their disappearance. There was not a day that went by that she did not search. Christel, talks about  the pain and panic that sets in every time sees  a Yorkie.  She can not help herself from running over and checking to see if by chance it was one of hers. She admits she has even chased a car or two in desperation during this year, just to get a better glimpse.

She posted her dogs on a Facebook group called Georgia’s missing pets, which is where I met her and learned of Charlie and Maggie. No matter how hard she tried, she could never resolve herself to find peace in losing her babies and talked daily with family members about them and continued to put flyers up locally.
On August 16th, while in front of her home, she stood outside talking to her brother-in-law on her cell phone about Charlie and Maggie.  A golf cart with two teenagers and two small children passed by with a Yorkie riding. Instinctively, she ran immediately over to see the dog. The moment she petted the dog, it began licking her excessively.  As she moved the dog’s fur away from the dog’s eye’s, she blurted out, “Charlie.” His eyes were completely crusted shut. She began telling the children about her lost dogs and ran into her home  to get Charlie’s medicine for his eyes as he suffers from a chronic condition. As she gave him the eye drops and removed the crust and Charlie began rubbing his head on her affectionately and running wild as he saw he was home!  She then told the children about the scars that Charlie has and they all began looking.  There was no doubt this dog was Charlie! He had all the marks in all the right spots! The children told Christel that a year ago they found him down the road right outside Christel’s subdivision. They agreed that this was indeed Charlie and left him with his mommy.  The children’s mother Avis, later returned and was thrilled to know that he had been missed so much but sadly knew nothing about Maggie. A year ago, Avis had actually searched for a owner door-to-door and even remembered knocking on Christel’s door, but no one had answered. Christel is forever grateful to Avis for keeping her Charlie aka Chubs safe.

Charlie has yet another fur sibling that he was reunited with, Cortez – a special needs Havanese. Since Charlie and Maggie went missing, he has become ill from depression and has even lost his sight. Cortez was at the vet when Charlie was reunited with his humans as he suffers  from many illnesses.  Maggie and Charlie were actually responsible for motivating Cortez to walk as he was born crippled. Upon calling her vet and telling him the news , the vet rushed Cortez home to show him Charlie was home.  The best medicine for sad dog!!! They yelped, ran around and just were uncontrollable in their love for each other!

All of this sounds, AMAZING!! However there is a cloud of sadness that still covers Christel’s family. Where is Maggie? Is she alive? Is she getting her medicines? Please share this wonderful family’s Story and help heal them. Help Maggie Come home!

Message from Christel: “Please to all that have lost a pet, never give up hope!”


Cortez and Maggie   cor





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