Equine community is searching for person whose actions caused death of a horse

An accident that happened on Highway 11 in Jasper County in the early morning hours of Feb. 25 resulted in the death of a beloved horse. But it was a damaged fence that set the events in motion. The person responsible for the earlier damage left the scene without advising the property owner that the fence had been breached and any livestock was no longer contained. Two horses left the property by way of the broken fence.

According to the incident report from the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Brittan Unger, of Social Circle, was driving north on Highway 11 out of Mansfield just after midnight on Feb. 25. A large black horse entered the roadway directly in front of him and he was unable to avoid hitting it. The horse died. There was no information on Unger’s injuries, but the vehicle had to be towed from the location. According to the report, the accident happened close to the intersections with Henderson Mill Road and Shepherd Road.

Jasper County Sheriff's Office
Jasper County Sheriff’s Office

The equine community is seeking information on the person or persons who initially damaged the fences on two properties, allowing for the horses to escape. They believe it was by someone who possibly ran off the road, through the fences and then left the scene. No accident report was available on that incident. However, one of the property owners believes it could have been a vehicle headed north on Highway 11 out of Madison in Jasper County, toward Walton County. The fences were on the right hand side of the road.

If you have any information about who was responsible for the damaged fences on the two properties on Highway 11, you can contact the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office at 706-468-4911.

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