URGENT!! REWARD!! Lost Rescued Shepherd Mix Lawrenceville

She was saved from Heard County and came from a hoarding and neglect situation. She also just weaned a litter of pups. This poor baby is nearly feral, sick.  Please help us find her.  Please do not chase and call if she is spotted .  Last seen Lawrenceville Suwanee Road and Hearth Place.

Jessica Mason 678-908-7224 Reward offered

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  1. So very sorry . Praying for a safe return.

    Share with
    your Mail Carrier and local Post Office. Speak to employees. Mail Carriers are
    wonderful looking out for lost pets .
    Share also with your School Bus Drivers as they will do the same . Check daily
    on Craig’s List , also the Georgia and
    Tennessee Traders . Sadly lost and stolen dogs are sometimes listed for sale
    . Share also on the following facebook pages: Paw Patrol Of
    North Georgia , Lost Dogs Georgia
    Share also with local Humane Societies and Animal Shelters . Check daily and in person if possible .
    Put fliers out as many people do not have computers . Check also with your local Radio and TV stations as many air lost pets .

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