Simon says, beware of dry cat food for cats


Simon’s story – a story of love and loss, and a warning to others

12190798_10205550620949164_6562106752164690085_nSimon would begin his story three years ago when JoAnne Thayer and his path would cross.

JoAnne is well known in the world of animal advocacy as someone who will foster and go above and beyond in helping ill dogs get well to be adoptable with love and compassion. A few summers ago, as our temperatures sky rocketed here in Georgia, JoAnne read an article about leaving water out for feral animals to survive. That’s when Simon showed up under her SUV for a drink.  A thirsty, hungry and flea infested kitten looking up at her for help.

Now JoAnne is no stranger to helping animals , she has fostered and assisted in saving hundreds of dogs in just the few years I have known her.  Cats? Well this was all new to her. She reached right down and scooped him up as if he knew her already. She tossed him in the sink with no resistance and after an hour long process, including  a bath and tweezers, Simon turned out to be a flea less and pure white kitten.

Now I don’t know about you, but giving a bath to my own cat would land me at the local emergency room. Yet when you talk to JoAnne, you begin to understand she and Simon had a instant bond.  Even the words she uses to remember him give you a sense of the  mutual love they shared.

“I would sit at an angle…arrange him in my lap..cross my legs and he would let his body stretch down my legs….as he reached for the sky and I had his weight from under his ‘arms’ – it was kitty yoga, you would have had to see,” she said “He amazed me every day.”

Simon and JoAnne shared a special friendship, a bond that everyday could even be sensed by her dogs. For three years they would become best pals in the house, each day Simon providing  adventure and love for JoAnne.

What happened to Simon?

siSimon did not like wet canned food and enjoyed dry food only.  There is a hidden danger with more male cats than female in feeding dry food. Now, after Simon’s passing, JoAnne wishes all to know so that her heartache can help others before it’s too late. Simon developed a blockage in his bladder that required immediate surgery.  Simon passed 3 days after his surgery from complications that contributed to his recovery. Before he did, however, their bond would be so strong that he wanted to acknowledge his love for his momma, JoAnne, one last time by  standing and trying to hold her hand briefly before being so weak and falling back down.  I spoke with JoAnne from the vet’s office shortly after Simon had gone and she felt very blessed that he loved her so and at the end with being so weak wanted to let her know his love of her.

Cats need a low ash, low magnesium diet in order to maintain an acidic pH in the urinary tract, keeping the minerals dissolved in the urine so they can be excreted out in the urine. The foods high in ash can cause crystals in the urinary tract,then a blockage in the bladder that once occurs can result in death.  Most all dry foods are high in grain proteins, which are alkalizing. Meat-based foods are better than grain-based foods! The key to surviving this deadly condition is to prevent it by only feeding foods low in ash and magnesium to begin with.

What is Ash?

“Ash” refers to the total mineral content of a food. It gets its name from the laboratory procedure used to measure mineral content—burning a sample at high heat until nothing is left but the mineral ash. The major minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are all necessary for life, so “ashless” cat food is not desirable.  Look for foods that state low Ash.

Another way to take a step in preventing Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is to make sure there is a Dilution of the urine by providing an adequate water supply.   Cats who only eat dry food may be chronically dehydrated, without sufficient fluids in their systems to flush the kidneys.

Simon says, Please talk to your vet about Urinary health for your feline.  Simon says , Humans we need you, depend on you to help us and keep us well.  Simon says Don’t let my passing go without helping others learn about this condition.  Simon says, I was loved and loved while here on earth.

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