Monroe PD Reports: Several businesses robbed, rocks thrown through windows

Monroe Police Department responded to the following calls between Dec. 22 – 30, 2015. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the first  part for this period. Please note, a charge or arrest does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute @ Roses Express – Manager advised that an ex-employee came in the store yesterday harassing the asst. manager. Made contact with ex-employee on Stokes St.
  • Entering Auto call on S. Madison Ave – complainant advised that a black Suburban had the passenger window shattered. Nothing taken from the Suburban. Pull behind car hauler was entered and approximately $800 in tools taken.
  • Domestic problem call on Turner St – Ref to male and female verbally arguing. Parties were separated.
  • Dispute call on Turner St – two male subjects came back to the residence. Advised both subjects to vacate the premises.
  • Suspicious person call on S. Broad Street – Ref to a male subject with khaki’s, a black jacket and black house slippers walking in the middle of Broad Street.
  • Shoplifting @ Walmart – White male took unknown items. Manager stated they will try to find out what was taken and call back to make a report.
  • Threats @ Hot Spot – The clerk said that male customer told her he would kill her over a lottery quick pick. No witnesses to the threat.
  • DFACS Assist on Landers Street – Ref to Newton Co DFACS removing a child from female subject. Female subject was not the mother of the child, she was just watching the child. All ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle call on Ridge Road – complainant said that he was not familiar with a green SUV that was parked near the office of the complex. Vehicle appeared to have been in a wreck. Attempted to make contact with the owner. Complainant advised he would give it a couple of days before having it towed.
  • Domestic problem call on S. Madison Ave – caller advised that she and her boyfriend were arguing. Boyfriend was GOA. All ok.
  • Fight call on S. Broad St – Male subject physically disputing with the manager. Male subject issued citation for DOC.
  • Domestic problem call on Colley St – complainant stated that she and her husband have been fighting. Made contact with FISH who paid for a room and bus ticket for complainant and her 8-year-old son.
  • Theft @ Home Depot – Ref to employee giving discounts and not ringing up all items (total loss at $1,600.00) for different customers. Warrant to be taken for theft by deception.
  • Randall Fogerty arrested and picked up at Newton Co Jail for Monroe warrants.
  • Domestic problem call on Baron Dr., Verbal dispute, one party GOA, All OK.
  • Entering Auto @ Walmart; Complainant left door unlocked HP laptop taken, suspect white female in red UGA shirt.  Report taken.
  • Drug Activity call on Turner Street;  resident’s ex-boyfriend called to have police search her house for specific drug stash, resident consented, no 38-D (drugs) located.
  • Theft Report call on W. Spring Street at Country Hearth Inn; Negative on Theft, located phone under bed. All ok.
  • Domestic problem call on Green Street; Verbal dispute, male subject was GOA, area checked, negative contact.
  • Domestic problem call on Chestnut Lane; Verbal dispute,  married couple separated for evening, all ok
  • Prowler call on E. Washington St, area checked on foot, negative contact.
  • Theft Report call on E. Church Street; Caller advised her boyfriend took package off porch, not home to make report advised she would call back when home.
  • Welfare Check on Brookwood Ln; comp not heard from resident, check all ok, resident was avoiding them.
  • Prowler call on Glen Iris Drive; area checked on foot around property, negative contact.  Unknown person shaking the back door.  Male subject found on bicycle a block away, said he was going to Baron Drive.  Logged suspicious
  • Alarm call/burglary at Dominican Salon and La Choza Mia restaurant on N. Hammond; large rock thrown through front window of both business. Male subject named as suspect due to he being released at 0138 hours, heading in that direction on bike.  Negative contact.
  • Domestic problem call on Glen Iris Drive; caller in verbal argument with mother over curfew and rules, situation mediated.
  • Officer’s called to E. Spring Street; caller had 38-D (drugs) info he wanted to speak with investigator, provided card.
  • Alarm call/burglary at Chevron E. Church Street; rock used to enter store, cigarettes stolen.  Report made. Key holders had video.
  • Prowler call on E. Marable – caller advised she thought she heard someone trying to open her back door. Checked the property and all appeared ok.
  • Burglary call on N. Hammond Dr – Made contact with employee and advised that the businesses were broke into around 0145hrs.


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