Monroe PD Reports: Police respond to calls of firearms discharged

Monroe Police Department responded to the following calls between Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the third part for this period. Please note, a charge or arrest does not constitute a conviction.

  • Continued canvass on Pine Circle, Honda Element noticed with door ajar. Contact made with owners, the vehicle was gone through but nothing taken, declined report.
  • Threats call, father advised his 24-year-old daughter took too many muscle relaxers.  Vital signs checked by EMS vitals appeared to be within range. Advised of remedies in reference to counseling.
  • Discharging firearms call at Pine Ridge Villa’s, only one caller advised heard a shot in the area. Checked area with negative contact, all appeared to be ok.
  • Domestic problem call on Pine Circle; Civil custody battle between parents over a 10-year old-child.  Child ok with the father, all ok.
  • Domestic problem call on Walton Rd., mother wanted her son to leave, advised of eviction process, all ok.
  • Suspicious person call on Custom Way; follow up to a previous call about a damaged mailbox, suspect info added to prior report.
  • Domestic problem call on W. Spring Street at Roses; former employee on location causing problems, manager wanted her banned, was GOA.
  • Firearms discharged call on Walker Dr. near Hwy. 11 South; possibly same incident as Country Club Drive, negative contact, most likely someone in Southside is shooting based on direction of noise, area checked.
  • Domestic problem call on Lacy St., female in verbal dispute with male, Male was GOA.
  • Theft Report @ Conestoga Lot, complainant reported his daughters white Next model Mountain bike taken from under his porch, report made.
  • Juvenile Complaint call on Atha St., complainant requested a unruly complaint filed against 12-year-old.  Report made.
  • 911 Hang-up @ Fuzions, Subject inside intoxicated refusing to pay his bar tab, one arrested for Theft of Services.
  • Aggravated Assault at Jack Peters; complainant reported a male subject pulled a knife on him.  Video at Jack Peters is not clear and only shows two subjects talking with complainant.  Complainant was intoxicated and only claimed the knife was brandished, not lunged at or cut.  Report taken.
  • Suspicious person call on Applebees; White male in early 40’s walking around the parking lot with his shirt over his head, poss. intoxicated.  Negative contact.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle on Church St., at Jack Peters; officer stopped truck without a headlight, passenger attempted to exit the passenger side of vehicle, stopped, identified to have a probation violation warrant.
  • Domestic problem call on E. Fambrough St., Michael Taylor struck female subject in the face and took her phone as she called 911, Taylor was GOA.  Warrants taken for Battery and Interference with 911.  Officer’s got called back and arrested Taylor at 0615.
  • Shots fired call on Maple Lane Townhomes, Officers called to reference neighbor stating gun fire coming from that location Lenorris Talford arrested for probation violation warrant out of Barrow County.  Mr. Tolford transported to Windstream handed over to Deputy Aycock Barrow County SO.
  • Follow up at Conestoga MHP.  Michael Chaz Taylor arrested for FV charges that occurred on night shift
  • Prowler call on Baron Dr., caller stated a black male dressed in all black was looking in her window. Area checked, negative contact. Report requested.
  • Speeding Auto call entering the city ref to a blk suv following too close.  Contact made with the vehicle in Highland at Midland Ave.  The original complainant did not want to report in person.  Officer didn’t see any violations but spoke to the driver, all was ok.
  • Domestic problem call on W. 5th St., caller said his mother was supposed to take him to cash his Social Security check. Situation mediated All ok.
  • Harassment call on Highland Terrace, complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend keeps driving by the house. Complainant stated that she hasn’t spoken to him since he was put in jail and has not told him she didn’t want to talk to him. Complainant was advised to contact the police if he returned.
  • Follow up at MPD, wanted to know what was going on with his case. He was advised he needed to go to the Magistrate Court to obtain warrants. He was provided a copy of report. All ok
  • Dispute call on Baron Dr., two subjects arguing over the ownership of a mattress. Situation mediated. All ok.
  • Domestic problem call on Reed Way, mother said she and her 16 yoa son were arguing. Son left walking to his Dads house. All ok.
  • Mechanical trouble vehicle on Marable St., Derek brown ran on foot through woods between East Marable and birch St. He was caught and arrested for warrants out of the county.
  • Follow Up, Walton SO Lobby. Complainant stated he had additional evidence in regards to a fight that A shift responded to, he was advised to follow up with the reporting officer.
  • Suspicious person call on South Madison Ave., MFD called and advised elderly white male walking in front of building and appeared to be disoriented. Contact made with male at Valero and given ride to his residence on Knight Street.
  • Suspicious person call on Atha St., Complainant advised male came to her and began banging on it after her boyfriend left for work. Complainant advised happened 20-30 before she called. Negative contact with anyone walking in the area. Complainant asked for extra patrol.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle on New Lacy Street @ Wall St., Jason Murphy arrested for possession of methamphetamine and possession of concealed weapon. Warrants to be taken by officer.
  • Juvenile Complaint on Plaza Dr., Complainant advised a male subject ran into their house and struck them in the chest and ran outside. Witnesses on scene had conflicting stories. Both parties were juvenile. Male subject was goa.
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