Monroe PD Reports: 18 to 20 rounds fired at house on Dean Street

Monroe Police Department responded to the following calls between Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the fourth part for this period. Please note, a charge or arrest does not constitute a conviction.

  • Stopping suspicious vehicle on South Madison Ave. @ 5th St., Freddie Starks arrested for DUI less safe.
  • Illegal Parking call on Wheel House Lane, Complainant advised blk GMC UV parked in their parking spot. Vehicle moved all ok.
  • EMS Assist on West Spring St., Report of male bleeding, negative on bleeding. Subject was intoxicated and advised he was chaffing in his gentile area and his friend was bringing medication for the issue. All ok.
  • Dispute Towler St., Complainant advised a female subject took her K-9 three weeks ago and is now refusing to give it back. Contact made with female and officers were advised the K-9 was living in substandard conditions and was rescued. Subjects advised of civil process.
  • Domestic problem call on Old Mill Point, Complainant advised her ex-boyfriend was on location making threats to bust in her windows to her house and her car. Complainant advised she had been beaten by this subject before and was scared. Report taken and advised of T.P.O. process. Male subject GOA.
  • Domestic problem call on Walton Road, 3rd party complaint of dispute between mother and son. Advised son possible on 38 d. dispute over son being on 38d (drugs). Situation mediated. All ok.
  • Suspicious person call on Ford St., Complainant advised while she was sitting on the porch a black male came from behind her house and walked towards Edwards Street. Area checked, negative contact with anyone walking in the area.
  • Domestic problem call on South Broad St., Complainant advised son and his girlfriend in a dispute. Girlfriend refusing to leave residence. Subjects separated for the night and complainant advised of eviction process. All ok.
  • Suspicious person call on Heritage Ridge Dr., Complainant advised while in her house heard dogs barking at front door. Observed wet foot prints on the front porch. Area checked, negative contact with anyone outside walking. Report taken
  • Suspicious person call on Holly Hill, While officers were in the area on last alarm, heard subjects shouting in the area behind Sharps pool Supply. 2 officer’s walked Holly Hill. Negative contact with anyone.
  • Burglary call on Highland Terr., Complainant advised subjects were in his house. Units arrived and checked the area, negative contact with anyone or sign of anyone walking around the house. Made contact with complainant, advised no one was in his house and heard noises and saw shadows outside his window. All ok.
  • Entering auto report taken in MPD lobby, complainant advising that someone broke into his truck and took $100 in quarters and the suspect left their stalking cap in his passenger seat, said cap was entered into evidence for processing.
  • Suspicious person call on Bold Springs Rd., complainant stated that he was riding his bicycle down North Broad and a tan Jeep Cherokee ran him off the road. The tag came back to a 2008 Jeep Cherokee on 6th street. Made contact with a female subject who stated she was driving the jeep. Female subject stated that she never saw a man on a bicycle. All ok.
  • Fraud report taken at Monroe PD, complainant stated she received a check from a company (GIGA Tronics) she believed she was an employed by in the amount of $1500. Complainant stated that she was instructed to keep 300 and send the rest by money gram to a named subject. Complainant stated that the checked that she put into her account was a fake check and now she’s over drawn. Complainant was communicating with a subject by text. The number complainant was texting was a fake number used by a texting app.
  • Fraud Report W. Spring St., Pizza Hut manager stating a male subject who resides on Oak Street ordered $214.68 worth of food January 11 this year and the account credit card was flagged as fraudulent by corporate headquarters for Pizza Hut in Tennessee.
  • Dispute at the Country Hearth ref to a female and child put in by DFACS last date was causing a disturbance at checkout time. Made contact with female who was asked to leave, she stated that she was waiting on Rockdale DFACS to pick her up.  Contact was made with Rockdale DFACS who stated they were en route.
  • Burglary call on North Broad St., this call was dispatched as South Broad St. upon arrival officers made contact with resident who noticed that the back door had been kicked in.  The residence is currently unoccupied and currently belongs to the family.  Nothing appeared to be taken.  They would like a area check of this location as often as possible.
  • Juvenile Complaint on Bridgeport Lane, Juvenile upset over break up with her boyfriend, and threatening to run away. Situation mediated. All ok.
  • Theft Report on Rose Ison Terr., Complainant advised her sons social security card was stolen by a named subject and she was attempting to claim her son on taxes. Report taken.
  • Domestic problem call on Turner St., Complainant GOA. Spoke to step father on location that advised the complainant was upset due to having to move rooms. Step father advised complainant left on foot. Attempted to make contact with complainant and had negative contact.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle at Little Cesar’s – Subject arrested for driving while license suspended.
  • Domestic problem call on Victory Dr., Complainant advised female on location refusing to leave. Complainant called back and cancelled call.
  • Dispute call on East Church St., Brothers on location disputing with male subject over a female. One of the brothers advised a gun was brandished. Video was reviewed and no gun was shown. Witnesses advised verbal argument only. Second party GOA.
  • Trespass call on Heritage Ridge, Complainant contacted 324 and advised a written note was left on her front glass door that stated to “keep calling the F%$&#@ police, we aren’t scared”. CID was made aware of ongoing issue. Report taken.
  • Domestic problem call on Nowell St., Complainant advised her ex-boyfriend and she were breaking up and he wouldn’t leave. Complainant advised her male subject began to cut himself. Male subject transported by ems to Clearview to evaluation. Report taken.
  • Discharging Firearms call on Dean St., Complainant advised they heard 5 to 6 gun shots in the area. Officers arrived at the scene and were met by resident. Resident advised a vehicle pulled up and began firing at her house. 18 to 20 shell casings found from .45 and 9mm. Advised possible retaliation from shooting in Newton County.
  • Trespass call on Heritage Ridge Dr., Complainant advised subjects back on location when police and her husband left the scene. Husband returned to observed males running from the residence. Area checked. Negative contact.
  • Domestic problem call on Atha St., female complainant “said her boyfriend left with her vehicle without permission. No one on location upon officer arrival and unable to make contact back with complainant.
  • Dispute on Spring St. “Spring St. Laundry” customer disputing with owner over items being placed into the machine. Situation mediated all ok.
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