Monroe PD Reports: ‘Medical episode’ by naked man, Complaints of loud singing and of man riding mower without cutting grass

Monroe Police Department responded to the following calls between May 6 – 12, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the first part for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle/person’s W. Spring St., Wal-Mart parking lot, U-Haul truck on the side of the building with two subjects in the back. Identified a male and female subject. Neither had valid driver’s license. Called for licensed driver. Advised not to return.
  • Dispute on Storehouse Court, Pre-marital issues. Situation mediated. Report for documentation.
  • Harassing phone call on E. Washington Ave., negative on harassing phone calls, SCAM, complainant advised she has been sending money to a male subject and realized it was a scam and requested a report. Report taken.
  • Damage to Property call on E. Spring St. “Breedlove and McElwaney Insurance, wooden gate between Mobley Circle and parking lot damaged again. Report taken ongoing issue. This is the second or third time this gate has been damaged since being put in placed approximately 6 weeks ago.
  • Harassing phone call complaint taken at MPD Lobby, complainant advised female subject made contact her via text messaged after being served with a Protection Order. Order is in place and has been verified. Attempted to make contact with female subject at Bridgeport Place but was unsuccessful.  Warrant to be taken by officer for violation of court order.
  • Welfare Check, The complainant advised she had not heard from her husband who she is separated from. Complainant was not able give an address on her husband. Husband has a history of 38-D (drug) use and she is concerned for his wellbeing. Complainant advised her husband was last heard from on Wednesday by his boss in Watkinsville. Complainant was able to text a picture of the front porch where she believed her husband is staying but it was not located by officers. Complainant advised she will file a missing person report if she does not hear from her husband in the next few days.
  • Wanted person call on N. Broad St. Citgo, Green Honda Accord. Contact made with Joshua Richardson. Wanted out of Pardons and Parole. Arrested and TOT WC Jail.
  • Suspicious Person on Knight St., contact made with male subject. Contact also made with his brother by phone. Male subject was standing outside his trailer naked suffering from medical episode. Turned Over To EMS transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center. The brother was advised he needed to provide transportation for his brother home from the hospital.
  • Burglary Attempt on Mill Stone Bluff, complainant came home and heard glass break at the back of the residence. A rock was thrown through the back kitchen window. No entry made. A black male with long dreads pulled up into a pony tail fled the area. Subject was wearing Gray Sweat hoodie with Black pants. Extensive search in the area on foot and vehicle with negative contact. Two subjects detained on W. Creek Circle but were released.
  • Follow Up on Reed Place, juveniles cutting through the complainant yard. Contact made with some juveniles advised to stay out of complainant’s property and other surrounding property and not to cut through yards.
  • Follow up on Storehouse Court, complainant requesting an officer to escort her to the residence to obtain her son’s clothing and didn’t want any problems while on location. Due to domestic problems on Wednesday involving the juvenile’s father being arrested.
  • Follow Up Bridgeport Place, contact made with residence. Was concerned about missing screen from the back of the residence. Advised he didn’t know if it was missing before. Due to the amount of dirt and debris inside the framing it appeared to be missing for a while. Also advised a package may have been taken from outside his front door, but he was still in the process of contacting Amazon.
  • Harassment on Michael Circle, the complainant advised female subject text her saying she was going to blow up her house with her in it.  Female subject is complainant’s niece and is upset because DEFACS interviewed her. Report taken. Warrant to be applied for, terroristic threats and or acts.
  • Theft report on Walker Dr., complainant advised male subject moved out taking the washer and dryer. Report taken.
  • Welfare Check on Country Club Dr., father advised he wanted to contact his children but their mother would not answer the phone. Contact made with kids all ok in reference to welfare check. Complainant advised.
  • Subject with a weapon call on Davis St., complainant advised neighbor across the street brandished a gun. Spoke to male and female subjects having verbal dispute.
  • Suspicious vehicle on East Fambrough St., complainant advised her neighbor was outside riding the lawn mower and not cutting grass, which is getting on her nerves. Neighbor advised he was working on mower and test driving it.
  • Dispute on Mobley Circle. Subject on scene refusing to leave. Mandy Chicado and David Doster both arrested for outstanding warrants.
  • Domestic call on Perry St., complainant advised male subject refused to leave. Male subject GOA upon officer’s arrival.
  • Dispute on Harris St., near Jack Peters. Subjects outside being loud and singing. Quintravious Blackwell arrested for Morgan County FTA warrants.
  • Dispute on West Spring Street – Clearview Regional Medical Center. Caller advised a black female was on location yelling. Subject Gone On Arrival of officer.
  • Welfare check on Sporty Lane. Complainant called and advised female was possibly raped. Contact made with female, who stated she was not raped and her boyfriend keeps making false statements.
  • Domestic on Hubbard St., male and female subjects in verbal dispute. Parties separated. No acts of family violence. Documentation report only.
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