Update: Sledge petitions to be in Monroe and Social Circle Friday morning

Press release from Michael Sledge Election Campaign

Michael Sledge. Contributed photo
Michael Sledge. Contributed photo

UPDATE: Michael Sledge said that petitions will be at the Dunkin Donuts 152 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Monroe and inside the Circle City Check Cashing Store at 1299 N. Cherokee Road in Social Circle from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Friday.

Social Circle Police Officer Michael Sledge has announced that he will be seeking the position of Sheriff of Walton County in the November 2016 General Election. He will be running as an Independent and has to get signatures equal to 5 percent of the registered voters in the 2012 Walton County General Election in order to qualify. In making the announcement, Sledge gave the following information about the platform he intends to run on.

Tasks and goals

  1. Reduce top end salaries to achieve ore deputies for county.
  2. Implement an education program for inmates (rehabilitation), a citizen’s academy and increased professional education for deputies

– GED (inmates)

– On the job training with certifications after release (inmates)

– Citizens Police Academy (Certificates)

– Deputies will receive more domestic violence, cultural awareness and leadership training

3.  Will start a reserve officer program at no cost to the citizens, which will allow more deputies on patrol.

4.  Restructuring of Sheriff’s Department

– placing department heads in areas in need

5.  Holding deputies accountable for their actions

– Complaints

– Unprofessionalism

– Off duty conduct/On duty conduct

6.  Creating a Walton County Sheriff’s Department Playground (kids 2 – 14). Will be maintained by WCSO

–  Seizure funds

7.  Assisting Walton County Recreation with better/more equipment for our youth

–  Seizure funds

8.  Create a new Professional Standards team/Internal Affairs

9.  MOST IMPORTANT – keep an open door policy for citizens

– It is the citizen’s department, you entrust me to be the Head of the Department – My door will always be open to the public to hear the voices of the citizens that elected me. It is my mission to create a better and more proficient department. We will serve with dignity, honor and respect to all. We will give nothing less than 110 % to assist with any matter. Anything less is unacceptable. Inmates will receive fair treatment, as they are still human.

– Drug dealers will not stand a chance; we will hold you accountable for your actions and will will be sent to federal courts if able. Drugs will not be tolerated here anymore.

– When we respond to calls, we will stop and listen and take a few more minutes to  solve an issue versus a temporary fix.

Overall, this will be a department you will be proud of and know when we arrive, we are here for you, very well educated in our profession and to make fair, sound decisions.

www.votemichaelsledgeforwaltoncountysheriff.com or email michaelsledge2016@gmail.com or Facebook page.

Please assist me and sign my petition to allow me to run for Sheriff. You must be registered to vote in Walton County before June 27, 2016 to sign.

(This is a press release from Michael Sledge Election Campaign)

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