Update: Just one more day to buy raffle ticket for car giveaway

Just for fun auto is raffling a car to help pay for funeral

Update: Noon Sept. 10 is the official drawing for the car that was raffled to help raise money for the family of a Monroe woman who was battling cancer. Crystal Snow lost her battle on Aug. 25, 2016 and the raffle for the car to help raise funds for her funeral expenses and the husband and child that she left behind is now going to be drawn at noon at Just for Fun in Monroe. There are several other prizes that have also been donated that will be included in the drawing. These include green fees for a local golf club, local memorabilia and baked goods.
Crystal Snow, 38, of Monroe passed away on Thursday morning, Aug. 25, 2016. A family member posted this update on a Gofundme account.
“Just wanted to let everyone know that Crystal got wings this morning and is at peace….Please continue to pray for Dustin and their children for peace and comfort…. thanks again for all the prayers and donations…… May God Bless You all….”
Initial story
It was little over a year ago when Crystal Snow, 38, of Monroe, went to Clearview Regional Medical Center with breathing problems. The wife and mother of four young children thought she was having an asthma attack, but the diagnosis turned out to be much worse. According to a Gofundme page that was established by her husband two weeks later, Crystal was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer.
Crystal and Dustin Snow. Contributed photo
Crystal and Dustin Snow. Contributed photo
Now, a year later and having gone through surgery and rigorous chemotherapy treatments, all treatments have been exhausted, Crystal has been referred to hospice and the family members are getting to share their last days together.
Crystal and Dustin Snow. Contributed photo
Crystal and Dustin Snow. Contributed photo
The couple did not have health insurance at the time and has been left financially devastated. Misty Wallace, of Just for Fun Auto Sales in Monroe, said the company is raising funds to help with final expenses when the time comes. It is raffling off a car to help raise those funds for the family.

“Just for Fun Auto Sales is raffling off this 2007 CADILLAC CTS 192k for $50.00 a ticket to help Crystal Snow and Dustin Snow as they go through the worst thing ever – CANCER,” Wallace wrote in her Facebook page. “Crystal was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a while back and now is in the last stage and she does not have insurance. We are selling a minimum of 70 tickets for this car and a maximum of 150. If the 70 mark doesn’t hit we will return all ticket money to ticket buyer ( you will get a receipt for tickets also).”

Contributed photo
Contributed photo

“They have no insurance and he has been out of work due to her being sick and (having the kids) so Just For Fun Auto Sales would like to do this raffle to try to sell at least 150 tickets,” Wallace said.

You can stop by Just for Fun Auto Sales at 1841 Highway 11 NW, in Monroe or call John McGaha at 770-267-1009 to purchase via credit or debit card. The drawing will be at 12 noon on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 at Just for Fun and you don’t have to be present to win. Just for Fun Tanning at the same location also is raffling off $2 tickets to win a free month’s membership of tanning or $2 for $70 worth of balls for the golfing range. All the money goes to Crystal Snow.

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7 Comments on Update: Just one more day to buy raffle ticket for car giveaway

  1. Is anything being done to help with the many other needs of this family? Has some organization stepped in to help the children with clothes, toys, etc.? Do they have food, a place to stay…? A former partner in one of the metro Atlanta sent me this article. It is great that people have stepped in at this, the most difficult time in her battle. But make it a bigger story, a story of the hope, strength and love for which Americans are or at least were known for. There are floods in Louisiana, droughts in California and needs everywhere. But there, in Monroe, there is a flood of needs and hopefully not a drought of provisions. What do they need, obviously money…but what bank or organization is collecting it for this family in the midst of the battlefield of one of man’s most evil enemies, cancer. I pray that you publish more of this family’s needs, of where we who are far away in miles but standing beside them prayer and love. “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the doors of heaven will be opened to you” Sincerely, Dr. Charles Boggs, retired police officer and pastor, Greer, SC

  2. The family is in need the husband has had to take time out of work to be with his wife crystal and their children. ..any and all during this time is needed …prayers first and for most then bills,funeral expenses etc…the time is near they dont expect her to fight through the night this family deserves and needs the help. Dustin the husband is not one to ask for help and neiter is crystal but its truly a need and its all in gods hands please help them through this difficult time of need…

  3. My heart breaks for you all! Many prayers for comfort and peace. I’ve known both of you, Crystal and Dustin for a long time. There aren’t any words that will make this any less heart wrenching for you to go through. Trust in God’s word and that this is his plan. I love you both! My heart is breaking. If i can do anything to help i will.

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