Monroe PD Reports: Man who drove through fence accused of trying to run over woman

Monroe Police Department responded to the following calls between  Sept. 9 – 15, 2016. This report is split into four parts due to the length. This is the final part for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft, Unisia Drive. Complainant reported laptop taken from the receiving area around August 25th – 29th.
  • Follow-Up, Pine Circle. Husband advised his wife is missing after being released from the hospital. Contact was made with wife who advised she was fine and did not want husband to know where she was at.
  • Civil Issue, Hubbard Street. Complainant wanted to know options about broken down vehicle he bought from Monroe Auto Brokers.
  • Civil Issue, Walker Drive. Complainant’s family members disputing over items being remove from the residence. The family was advised to place the items back in the residence and referred to the eviction process.
  • Fraud, Gatewood Drive. Complainant believes he may be getting scammed on an online car because the vehicle was supposed to be here at 10am. Subject will attempt to call seller to verify.
  • Fraud, Gatewood Drive. Complainant advised he was scammed out of $4,000 on a car deal. Report taken
  • Traffic Stop on Norris Street during safety check. Marshall Fendly arrested for driving while license suspended.
  • Fraud on West Spring Street – 1st Franklin Financial. Someone forged a check from institute under complainant’s name for $3,000.00
  • Medical Threats, Highway 78 – Waffle House. Male subject making verbal threats to harm himself by driving his vehicle into a ditch. Declined harming himself upon officer’s arrival. Called a cousin to pick him up.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Charlotte Rowell at Double Springs Church Road in reference to a red Dodge Charger speeding and ran complainant off the roadway. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Damage to Property, Cloverdale Drive. Complainant reported someone damaged her vehicle last night.
  • Officer to meet with Subject at South Broad Street – Monroe Police Department. Windstream employee advised he was looking for a tool someone found and turned in. Unable to locate the item.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on Highway 11 at Parker Road. Red Jeep pulling a trailer speeding. WCSO had contact with vehicle prior to officer arrival.
  • Welfare check @ Home Depot – Ref to complainant found a 7yr old at the red light at Home Depot/W. Spring St. Advised that the juvenile was crying and can’t find his family. The mother of the juvenile was inside Walmart attempting to locate her child. Mother and child were re-united.
  • Fraud, N. Madison Ave – Third party caller advised that a customer was trying to cash a bad check. Report had already been filed and was advised last April to obtain warrant for the incident. The clerk advised that he did not have time to go to the Courthouse.
  • Suspicious person, Old Monroe Elementary School – Ref to several males loitering and possibly made entry into the building. Made contact with two male subjects who were skateboarding on the property. Advised male subjects to leave the property.
  • Dispute, S. Madison Ave – complainant advised that a male subject will not leave. Vacant building and unable to get the complainant back by telephone.
  • Subject with a weapon, Tanglewood Dr – Verbal dispute between two subjects. Conflicting statements between subjects and witnesses. Advised of the warrant process.
  • Transport, Double Springs Church Rd – Ref to a tractor trailer with an un-secured load. Escorted tractor trailer back to Elite.
  • Shoplifting, S. Broad St – Ref to a white female in a grey Ford Escape took two pop tarts and a package of Oreo’s.
  • Child abuse at Clearview – 15yr old got into a physical altercation with her father. During the altercation, 15-year-old sustained a laceration under her eye. Warrant taken for Battery FV.
  • Domestic, Clearview – female subject advised that she was at an unknown address on Lacy St smoking crack when the owner of the residence became paranoid and locked the door. Female subject left Lacy St, went to Hardee’s and started having stomach pains so she went to the hospital.
  • Suspicious person, John’s Supermarket – Ref to a white male looking into the stars and walking in/out traffic. Made contact with the subject and all was ok.
  • Suspicious person, S. Madison/E. Vine St – Ref to a subject digging in the trash cans. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Suspicious vehicle, W. Spring St – Ref to a female in a silver SUV that smelled of alcohol. Subject took a right out of the parking lot. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Threats, Sunshine Laundry – Complainant advised that a black male subject threatened the complainant that he would come back and start something. Black male took his wet clothes and was GOA.
  • Suspicious person, Woodland Rd – Ref to a white male wearing a white shirt and workout pants with one of his hands down his pants walking down the road. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Theft report, South Broad St. “Walton Security Storage, complainant advised her storage unit was entered sometime last date. Antique tools taken.
  • Suspicious Person, W. Spring. “Wal-Mart”, white female reported by Loss Prevention. Subject sitting in her vehicle since earlier this morning. Contact made with female subject. Taking a rest all ok.
  • Dispute, Sporty Lane, complainant advised her father struck her with his vehicle and left the area. The complainant would not cooperate with dispatch when trying to ascertain more information. Complainant refused medical at the time of the call. Complainant advised she was struck with the car door and her gown was caught in the door when the suspect began to leave. Warrants pending against the father for Battery F.V. Cruelty to children. Father is driving a Black Nissan Altima. Warrants have been signed.
  • Entering Auto Report, Harvest Lane, and complainant advised his vehicle was entered last Thursday evening while at Tractors Supply. Complainant advised his check book two credit cards cell phone and $100.00 was taken from his vehicle. Complainant stated he thought they were at his residence but after searching he could not find them and requested a report.
  • Dispute, Nowell St., complainant disputing with female subject. Female subject was GOA but Officers later made contact on Mobley Circle and advised her to stay away from Nowell Street area.
  • Dispute between Landlord and tenant, Glen Iris Dr., the complainant advised his tenant who had been there for two weeks was removing his items from her apartment. Tenant to which her mother had made arrangements with landlord to rent the apartment for her daughter. Several Items were removed from the home and placed in front of the residence. Situation mediated and the lease was signed by both parties. Both parties advised of remedies.
  • Juvenile Comp, Spring Pl. Comp advised 15-year-old daughter had nude videos/pictures circulating around Walnut Grove High School. Incident occurred in the county, Turned Over To Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Agency Assist, Walton Rd., male subject requested by DJJ to leave the residence over allegations he gave 38D to the kids. Follow up scheduled next date.
  • Disturbing the peace, Wheel House Ln. Ref to aprox 50 people partying and being loud in the street.
  • Burglary report, Victory Dr., complainant advised TV and money missing after leaving heater repair man in house unattended.
  • Dispute at Golden Pantry Customer upset about being card-ed for cigarettes and not having her ID. Black Female GOA in green Malibu, all ok.
  • Subject with knife, Booth Dr., Complainant was arguing with female subject about sex.  Female subject asked to leave. No evidence of a knife or struggle.
  • Domestic problem, W. Spring St/Athens Orthopedic clinic, Ex-wife disputing with ex-husband and his new wife.  Situation mediated.
  • Suspicious person, W. Spring St.  (Walmart) Older male asking for money.  Male subject was sent on his way.
  • Fight call, E. Church St.  Fredrick Jones and Antonio Howard fighting inside the store.  Howard and Jones arrested for DOC.
  • Prisoner transport from apt. to Monroe PD for FIT. Lorenzo Webb was located with valid warrants.  Marijuana found on person.  Officer to add charges.
  • Officer called to Monroe PD with a mother who advised that a male subject provider her 13 year old daughter with Marijuana.  Daughter advised that she smoked a portion of it then flushed the remainder down the toilet.  Mother destroyed the smoking device.  No evidence at this time to pursue charges.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Green St., complainant reports kids riding scooters in the roadway.  Located kids on bikes, all ok.
  • Follow up on juvenile runaway, S. Broad St. 13y/o returned home. Supplemental to be added to previous report, juvenile removed from GCIC.
  • Suspicious person, Wheel House Ln. Possibly smoking 38D, Small juveniles riding bikes in the area. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious person, East Church St., Chevron, Ref to black female in the parking lot panhandling.
  • TPO violation, Stokes St., complainant advised male subject contacting her via 3rd parties.
  • Domestic problem, Roosevelt, complainant arguing with ex-boyfriend, second party was GOA, advised of eviction process, all ok.
  • Threats, West Spring St., Wal-Mart, employee advised co-worker threatened her.
  • South Broad and Atha St. Chevron, intoxicated male subject complaining of chest pain, EMS called and transported to Clearview.
  • Located open door during foot patrol of downtown, South Broad St. The Noel building. Ower on location working late, all ok.
  • Davis St. complainant advised that subject tried to run her over in Maple Heights and he drove through a yard and damaged a fence.  Area checked on Maple Ln and the cul-de-sac revealed a hub cap, vehicle tracks through a yard, and a damaged cinder block fence. Subject was located at his residence on Turner St., hub cap recovered from scene matched missing one from his vehicle as well as corresponding damage to his vehicle arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, striking fixed object.
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