Marrow Man Comic Book exhibition reception at Monroe Art Guild Saturday

There will be a reception for the Marrow Man exhibit from 4 – 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19, at the Monroe Art Guild. The Marrow Man is a comic books series founded by Trevor Harris and his family to help young bone marrow recipients cope with the rigors of transplant and recovery and to raise awareness of the need for bone marrow donors. The Monroe Art Guild is located at 205 S. Broad St., Monroe.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-4-49-46-pmTrevor had a bone marrow transplant himself last summer when he was 8 years old. The comic book series, Marrow Man, took shape as a result of the transplant and has earned Trevor many accolades since then for his efforts to raise awareness of his condition, Fanconi anemia, and the need for life saving bone marrow donors. His father, Wade Harris – who shares a love of comic books with his son – championed the series, which has now earned state and national acclaim. Earlier this year, State Rep. Bruce Williamson, R-Monroe, introduced House Resolution 1111 where the state body commended Trevor for “his courage in the face of adversity and express their most sincere best wishes for his health and happiness.”

Williamson said Trevor’s story just inspired him, who said he introduced the resolution because of “the courage of Trevor and the remarkable attitude of the family and how they chose to tackle adversity.”

“HR111 Resolution was read and adopted on Jan. 21, 2016,” Williamson said at the time. “Trevor’s story will now be in the permanent history of the Georgia House of Representatives!”

Trevor and his family were also recognized Marrow Man, the comic book superhero the family has created to help educate the general public about bone marrow and other blood disorders and serve as a means to help children identify and understand what is going on with them. The resolution notes that Trevor wants to one day run the Marrow Man nonprofit, a status the effort just recently achieved.

Trevor was diagnosed in the summer of 2014 with a rare blood disorder called Fanconi anemia, which can impact multiple systems in the body and limits the body’s ability to produce bone marrow. It was a daunting diagnosis for a then 8-year-old to not only grasp but to truly understand. Combining this realization with a love of comic books shared by his father, Wade Harris, born was a comic book with a hero like no other: Marrow Man.

Learn more about Trevor and Marrow Man at To reach the family please email or contact DeDe Harris at 770-313-8107.

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