Monroe PD Reports: Public indecency, unruly juveniles and suicide threat

Monroe PD responded to the following calls between  Nov. 3 – 10, 2016. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the first post for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suicide Threats, Norris St., subject threatened to harm herself by cutting her wrist, but did not follow through. Transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.
  • Theft, East Washington St., James Monroe Homes. Anonymous caller advised three (3) black male juveniles just stole bicycles from the apartments. Three juveniles detained and Juvenile Complaints filed.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Fambrough St., in reference to juveniles being disrespectful to their grandmother. Situation mediated.
  • Damage to Property, West Tall Oaks Dr., and complainant advised someone broke the taillight on his vehicle.
  • Suspicious Vehicle on West Spring St. near Highway 138. Caller advised a maroon vehicle ran her off the roadway. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop on East Church St. at Jack Peter’s. Joshua Moore arrested for active warrant out of Oconee County.
  • Fraud report taken at Monroe Police Department, complainant advised her ex-husband’s new wife opened her mail. Referred to incident location in Covington.
  • Domestic, South Broad St., Ashley Angles head-butted her sister and was arrested for Battery – Family Violence.
  • Dispute, Creekview Dr., Jeffrey Corbett arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Subject was intoxicated and harassing FedEx delivery driver.
  • Juvenile Complaint on North Broad St. at Highway 78 in reference to male subject attempting to jump off school bus. Subject has medical problem and was upset. Student was calmed down prior to officer arrival.
  • Dispute, Birch St. in reference to three subjects. Conflicting stories amongst everyone about threats and guns being pulled out on location. Lack of probable cause for an arrest.
  • Domestic, Spruce Lane, complainant confronted her boyfriend regarding a text message he sent the neighbor. No physical altercation occurred and boyfriend left walking on foot after making threats to harm himself. Boyfriend was located and denied wanting to harm himself and called a family member to come pick him up.
  • Traffic stop, Golden Pantry, female driver issued citation for driving on suspended license. Driver’s father came to pick her up.
  • Fight, Lacy St/Pine Park St., Complainant advised that they could hear a lot of yelling. Made contact with two male subjects. The brothers advised that they got into a very loud verbal argument. Situation was mediated.
  • Shoplifting, Chestnut Cupboard, Two young males took a soft drink without paying for it. Complainant thinks that they are involved with several burglaries last month. Complainant did not want a report.
  • Shoplifting, S. Broad St., Third party caller advised that he witnessed a male steal items from the store and then left with another male headed south on Broad St. The caller did not want to meet with the officer. Searched the area for the subjects with no contact.
  • Suspicious person, Kingsridge Dr., complainant advised that a white male was sitting in a chair in the driveway located on Breedlove Dr. Complainant advised that the male subject had his pants pulled down and he was performing inappropriate actions to himself. Justin Dilbeck was arrested for public indecency.
  • Prowler, S. Madison Ave., complainant advised that someone was walking in her back yard and banging on metal. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Suspicious person, Plaza Tr., complainant advised that two black males put something down by the curb. Complainant advised that the subjects left after she confronted them. She advised they left in a small silver SUV. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Juvenile complaint, Colquitt St., complainant advised that a juvenile was riding a dirt bike with no headlights up and down the street. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Suspicious vehicle, S. Broad St/Atha St., Ref to a silver Ford Ranger sitting in the roadway near the Chevron station. Made contact with the owner on Atha St. Pushed the truck back in the driveway.
  • Juvenile complaint, W. Tall Oaks Dr., mother wanted to file an unruly juvenile complaint on her daughter for sneaking out of the residence on several occasions.
  • Damage to Property, Claywill Circle, and complainant advised an unknown dark passenger car struck her mailbox and trashcan and left the scene. Partial tag given. Report declined.
  • Suspicious Person, East Spring St., Sunshine Cleaners. Caller advised a white female and juvenile on location loitering in the area on bicycles. Subject’s GOA upon officer’s arrival.
  • Domestic, Birch St., Neighbor advised they could hear a verbal argument. Contact made with subjects on location who advised they were fine and wasn’t arguing.
  • Domestic, Fawnfield Dr., 12-year-old advised 88 year old grandmother kicked her in the head. No evidence of abuse or physical altercation. Situation mediated.
  • Traffic Stop on South Madison Ave. at East Washington St., Vehicle impounded by Wrecker Service due to no valid insurance coverage.
  • Domestic, East Fambrough St., grandmother advised she and her grandchildren were arguing over video games. Situation mediated and parties separated.
  • Suspicious Activity, Colley St. Complainant advised female subject poisoned her coffee with heroine, but refused to go to the hospital. Female subject advised complainant has a medical condition and she hasn’t poisoned her coffee. Subject left per complainant’s request.
  • Traffic Crash on Highway 78 at Unisia Dr., Single vehicle crash. Driver of Ford Explorer passed out at the wheel, accelerated on the gas pedal, and crossed both east and westbound lanes of travel before striking a ditch and coming to a complete rest. Driver transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.
  • Suspicious Person, South Madison Ave., Felker Park. Caller advised a black female walking around acting strange near the playground. Contact made with female subject who suffers from metal disabilities and later turned over to her sister.
  • Domestic, West Spring St., Home Depot, complainant and her boyfriend were in a verbal argument over a cell phone. There was no physical altercation and there were no acts of Family Violence.
  • Damage to Property, Mobley Circle, and owner advised his previous tenants left without notice and damaged his drywall. Advised of civil action.
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