My Story: My take on the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2017

Ok. Christmas is over and I feel the blues like most do, the slump and glum after all the thinking and shopping and planning and expectation only to be gone in one day. Christmas should last at least until Valentines Day so we have something to look forward to! But on to the New Year. And with that come the resolutions. The things that are required to improve and change your life forever!


Here are the ten top New Year resolutions most of us try to adhere to.

1. Lose weight. I have tried that resolution at lease 55 times and it does not work for me. Not because I don’t want to lose weight but because I love to eat! And I love to cook, daily. And my elliptical is the best coat hanger in the world. Good luck………..

2. Get organized. Oh this is a big one for me! I guess you could call me a horder. Not a messy one but I save things because I may in the future need them and don’t throw too much away. Example: Had a garbage disposer that was given to me many years ago. Saved it. Didn’t need it but there it was. Mine eventually gave up leaving a big puddle under my sink and my son came to see why I had this big leak and said “Mom, you need a new garbage disposer. It’s shot and a new one will cost you $100.00.” Ok Eddie, I just happen to have a spare in the pantry. He talks about this to this day, “ my mom is the only person I have ever known that keeps a garbage disposer ‘just in case.’

3. Spend less, save more. A good plan but sometimes very difficult. Working on a shoestring budget is not easy. I have found that if I stop eating and stop feeding my pets I would be in good shape, not going to happen. But, if I save $5.00 a week for 52 weeks I will have $260.00. If I save $10.00 a week for 52 weeks I will have $520.00. Enough for next Christmas!! Maybe.

4. Enjoy life to the fullest. This is easy! Wake up every morning, enjoy the sunshine, say hello to strangers, help someone load their car, always try to make someone feel special, the list goes on and on. SMILE. Remember, we have only one life and it is really very short. Look at the beauty in the sky and trees, the grass that pops up and the mushrooms . Hang out with friends and family, help your neighbor, take vacations, relax, say “Hi” to the deer and the raccoons. Be you! Do the things that make you the happiest because life is short and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

5. Be fit and healthy. Be fit and healthy.

6. Learn something exciting. What haven’t you done in your life that you have always wanted to do? Here it goes! Driving a hot car, skydiving, painting, learning to play an instrument, writing a book, fishing, read a book, chilling, etc. You can do whatever you want to do.THIS IS YOUR LIFE and you only have one.

7. Quit Smoking. Here is where I can help you, I think. I was a smoker. Back in July I had an episode that scared me to death. A mini stroke. The cause was a little piece of plaque that broke away from my artery and went to my brain. Scary. My cholesterol was too high and I had to do something about it quick! Smoking was a bad thing and the cause. Can’t tell you what to do but if you want to live longer, quit. Throw them down, you can do this. It’s truly life or death.

8. Help others with their dreams. Always do whatever you can to help other people. We all have desires and we all need help from others at times. Be there for those in need. Do what you can to help others. Listen when they have a problem, be there when they need a shoulder to lean on, always be a friend and always help others to succeed in their dreams.

9. Fall in Love. OOPS! Can’t help you here. This is where you are on your own!

10. Spend more time with family. A real key to happiness, fun and love. Family is everything and if you are lucky enough to have one enjoy every minute you can with them.

Happy New Year everyone and may the good Lord

bless and keep you safe in 2017!

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