Monroe PD Reports: Hit and run, Juveniles smoking weed, racoon noosed and domestic disputes

Monroe PD responded to the following calls between  Dec. 30, 2016 – Jan. 5, 2017. This report is split into five parts due to the length. This is the final post for this period. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious person, Plaza Trace, the complainant advised named male subject on location and was served a life time prohibited entry over 5 years ago. Male subject was last seen on the property on Dec. 29th. Male subject’s mother stays at Highland Village. Negative contact with subject at this time. Prohibited entry was served April 3rd 2006.  Copy of the paperwork is at the police department.
  • Theft report, S. Broad St., the complainant advised she believed her neighbor took her cell phone last date. Report taken.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St. “Chevron,” female subject disputing with store clerk. Subject advised the store charged her child support card $9 and requested a report.
  • Welfare Check, Suspicious person, Called in second time, West Spring Street and Hwy 138 Median. Contact made with male subject of Washington/Kentucky. Subject had warrants out of both states for failure to appear and contempt. “In State pick up only” Davis given escort to Taylors where he purchased a bus ticket to Atlanta, leaving at 1210.
  • Theft report taken at MPD Lobby, complainant advised she was at Dollar General on E. Spring Street last date and believed someone took her cell phone. No serial number provided. Report taken.
  • Harmful Threat, Bryant Road, called in third party by Goodwill employee out of Loganville. Contact made with 46-year-old. old male subject. Subject advised he did not want to hurt himself he was just upset at the Goodwill for emailing him about not getting a job. All ok.
  • Civil Issue, S. Broad St., Southside Mobile Home Park. complainant disputing with subject over clothing. Clothing was returned. Situation resolved.
  • Wanted attempt, West Spring St. Lamont D. Lawson. Contact made and arrested. Warrants confirmed out of Barrow Co. original charge burglary. Meet with Barrow Co. at Windstream. Turned over to Barrow County.
  • Suspicious person, S. Broad St., Contact made with male subject looking for their dog. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, Hickory Dr., Identified elderly male was just released from the hospital and was arguing with his family about staying with them to be cared for. Elderly male taken to his residence in Gratis by his daughter.
  • Dispute, E. Marable St. “Hot Spot” clerk advised black male subject on location bothering customers. Contact made with male subject again. Advised to go home.
  • Suspicious vehicle 2 at Coker Field. Four juveniles all admitted to smoking 38D weed. All were turned over to their parents. Marijuana and grinder located in vehicle, submitted for evidence.
  • Agency Assist, Kings St. Walton County Sheriff’s Office requested a welfare check of female subject who was involved in a domestic problem, all ok.
  • Suspicious person, Armstead Cir., Comp stated named male subject came by her residence three times and left a candy bar and soda tied to her door. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Harassing Phone Calls, South Broad St., and complainant advised male subject called her about a fan in her corner room. Complainant took this as a threat, complainant on 38D.
  • Dispute, Lakeview Dr., mother wanted her 17-year-old daughter to come home from Lakeview. Child went home, all ok.
  • Trespassing, Breedlove Dr., Walton Behavioral Hospital. Ref to four juveniles attempting to catch a cat, all ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle, East Marable St., Mathews Park. Comp advised a woman cussed him out while he played disk golf, subjects gone when officers arrived
  • Suspicious person, Nelson St., complainant advised male subject refused to leave his property. Subject was gone when officers arrived.
  • Discharging of firearms in the area of Armistead Cir. Area checked with negative contact. People outside advised it was fireworks
  • Request to report to East Spring St., Taylor’s Wreaker Service. Ref to putting crime scene tape around recovered stolen vehicle. Vehicle was recovered by WCSO, CID notified.
  • Loitering at 156 MLK Jr. Blvd. Subjects advised to leave, all ok.
  • Unknown law. South Madison Ave., mother advised her son being disrespectful. Argument over mothers drug use.
  • Domestic problem, Plaza Dr., father and daughter arguing over house not being clean while father worked all day, all ok.
  • Agency Assist WCSO attempting to catch up to vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed towards City. Vehicle wrecked at North Broad and Mayfield, Driver arrested, located firearms in vehicle.
  • Domestic problem, Radford St. and Norris St., complainant advised named male subject entered the residence and assaulted several people before chasing him out the back door. Contact made with residence, all ok, no evidence of violence. All parties on 38D
  • Stolen vehicle, Wheelhouse Lane. The complainant advised named female subject took his 2009 Dodge Charger Gray in color without his permission. Contact made with female subject by phone and she advised BUBBA had the vehicle in Loganville. BOLO placed on vehicle and also placed on GCIC. Report taken.
  • Domestic problem Report only, MPD Lobby, complainant was inquiring about a report that had been already completed. Questions about report. Referred to the reporting officer.
  • Fraud Report, Reed Way, complainant advised a check in the amount of $23,974.50 was deposited into her Wells Fargo account and the bank advised her it was fraudulent. Complainant believed it was her uncle who was supposed to deposit money into her account with an unspecified amount. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person, E. Spring St. “FISH” complainant advised a volunteer in the office is acting strangely. Possible on 38-D. Contact made with female volunteer. Female Volunteer was checked and she advised she just took her medication. Female Volunteer was picked up and given a ride home.
  • Hit and run 78 West & Charlotte Rowell Exit ramp. Female in a white Malibu advised she was struck by a Red Jeep which was gone when officers arrived. Unaware of direction of travel. Contact made with second vehicle they returned to the scene. The driver on location that called in the hit and run was at fault for turning left out of WalMart where there is no left turn.
  • Animal Injured, N. Broad & Sorrell St., Raccoon possibly struck by a vehicle. Raccoon was located in front of a vacant residence on Broad St. next to the barber shop. Animal Control responded and was able to noose the animal and brought it back to the rear side of the vacant house. Raccoon did not appear to be injured or vicious. A business card for an exterminator was provided to the owner of the barber shop.
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  1. I see numerous people still going out that way on the 138 side of walmart making a left turn where they recently prevented it. I also saw like 5 accidents that were at the same area before they prevented it, I think a HUGE sign needs to be put up or something so many more accidents will occur because people are idiots!

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