Monroe PD Reports: Attempts allegedly made to pass fraudulent $100 bills

Monroe Police Department responded to the following police reports during the period Jan. 6 – 12, 2017. This report is split into four parts due to the length. This is the first post for this period. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious vehicle in the area of Fleeting Way. Caller advised a white Chevrolet looking around at lots under construction. Contact made with subject with on Breedlove Court, who advised he was getting an early start before the snow storm.
  • Shoplifting at West Spring Street – Walmart. Jonathan Bryant ran out front door and jumped into moving vehicle in the presence. Vehicle was stopped at Home Depot and it was later determined the subject shoplifted from the store. Subject was arrested for shoplifting.
  • Warrant Service at Unisia Drive – Hitachi. Abraham Garcia arrested for criminal trespass warrant.
  • Civil Issue, Kendall Court, disputing with Repo Company. Situation mediated.
  • Counterfeit, 1N. Broad St. “BoJangles” customer attempting to pass a counterfeit $100.00 bill. Customer identified as Laura Smith.  Smith attempted to pass the same bill on Friday at John’s Supermarket and was interviewed by Sgt. Davis. Warrants to be taken against Smith for Forgery 1st degree.
  • Theft report, E. Marable & Gatewood. The complainant advised his burgundy NEXT bike was taken while staying at his sister’s house on Kelton Road and he witness someone riding it in the Gatewood area. Negative contact with anyone in the area. He declined a report – no serial number for the bike.
  • Davis St., Reference to male advising the black Honda that struck him last date was in the area. Male did not request to meet with officer’s negative contact with vehicle.
  • EMS Assist, Colley St., EMS requested officers to respond at Clearview. Female advised sometime within the past week she felt as if someone did something to her .Complainant had seen Dr. who took a urine sample from her and they are awaiting results. Possible UTI.  Complainant could not explain or provide substantial information to prove anyone had done anything to her. Report will be filed as unfounded due to complainant story changing several times while speaking to officers.
  • Harassing phone calls, W. Spring St. “IHOP” complainant stated one of her employee’s ex-boyfriends is calling the business, which is affecting the business phone. Report taken.
  • Attempt, Follow up, Lawrence St. contact made with Laura Smith. Arrested for Forgery warrant taken earlier this date.
  • EMS Unknown, E. Vine St. “H&H Body Shop”, White male subject lying on the ground. Turned over to EMS.
  • Vehicle recovered with damage, Windsor Court. Complainant advised someone damaged the trunk lock on her vehicle two days ago when she was at WalMart and thought someone stole the vehicle. Complainant found the vehicle where she left it and did not wait for the police for a report. After examining the trunk lock it appeared to be damaged from slamming the trunk lid. Advised to see the Toyota dealer or a body shop for repair.
  • Mayfield and Plaza Dr. witness advised subject driving a red pickup threw a bag of trash out on the side of the roadway. Checked area with negative contact
  • G.W. Carver Dr. on call back a male answered the phone laughed when questioned by dispatch and then hung up. Contact made.
  • S. Madison Ave. Boys and Girls club attempting to contact female at the residence but only heard children inside. Contact made with female who stated she was in the restroom.
  • Overdue motorist. Taken by telephone The complainant advised he rented a 26’ Pensky truck which he left at his boss’s house at N. Broad Street and now his boss took the truck. Advised his boss is and does not have a license. Was advised to come to the Monroe Police Department to file a stolen vehicle report. A BOLO was placed on the truck which was rented out of Loganville.. Complainant advised he left the keys to the vehicle in the gas tank cover at subjects residence but told him not to drive the truck. No further until contact is made with complainant and a report is made in person.
  • Report of discharging firearms. Garden Court, The complainant advised he heard 3-5 shots in the distance toward Birch St. area. Negative contact.
  • Chestnut Ln. Construction workers on location at vacant residence, all 10-4
  • East Washington and James Monroe Homes. Ref to Water main break under the street. Water coming from road. Monroe Utilities Contacted and responded.
  • Theft report  6th St. Complainant advised a guy stole her shotgun and laptop and sold it to a female in winder. Complainant wanted to see if she could get her stuff back and was threatened by on Facebook
  • Davis St. brother disputed with sister. Gone when police arrived.
  • Robbery by snatching report South Madison Ave.,  Complainant stated her 13-year-old daughter was walking 9-week-old puppy when a black and a hispanic took the dog from her and ran into the woods. No clothing description on males.
  • Mill Stone Bluff. Ref to vehicle backed into comps driveway. Vehicle was stolen out of WCSO. Vehicle towed to the SO by Jay’s for processing.
  • Entering Auto in progress West Spring St., Heras Healthcare. Complainant advised her car lights keep coming on and off. Request standby while she loads her vehicle and leaves.
  • Counterfeit Money, on South Broad Street – John’s Supermarket. Unknown white female attempted to purchase groceries and passed a fraudulent $100 bill. Subject left the store prior to police arrival but was captured on video surveillance.
  • Littering on 3rd Street. Complainant advised a white male driving a gray El Camino continues to throw trash out the vehicle windows near his house. Area checked for vehicle with negative contact. Located two empty 12-packs of Bud Light in the roadway.
  • Damage to Property, on Green Street. A brick was thrown in to the side of a vehicle.
  • Traffic Detail on Highway 138 at West Spring Street. Caller advised the traffic signal was not cycling. All ok.
  • Hit and Run on Ridge Road. Incident occurred sometime during the night hours.
  • Homeowner Assist, on Creekview Drive. Homeowner locked herself out of residence. Key stuck in door lock and was taken out by officer.
  • Domestic, West Vine Street complainant had questions regarding community property between her and her husband. Available remedies were explained.
  • Debris in Roadway on Highway 78 eastbound near Marable Street Bridge. The owner, who lost items in roadway, returned and retrieved his oven from the roadway.
  • Civil Matter, report taken a Monroe Police Department. Complainant had questions regarding payment to her babysitter and the babysitter not following through with their agreement. Complainant was advised of remedies.
  • Extra Patrol on North Madison Avenue. Vacant house with clothes found inside by homeowner. Residence was checked and everything appeared ok. Extra patrol requested.
  • Meet with Subject on North Broad Street – Waffle House in reference to previous dispute between parties. All parties gone upon officer arrival.
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