Monroe PD Reports: Stolen dog recovered, suicide scares

Monroe Police Department responded to the following police reports during the period Jan. 6 – 12, 2017. This report is split into four parts due to the length. This is the third post for this period. Please note an arrest or conviction does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person at Plaza Drive. Caller advised four (4) subjects were sitting in a vehicle outside of her residence. Made contacts with subject who lives on location.
  • Custody Dispute, at Tanglewood Drive. Male is supposed to pick up 14-year-old son, since the mother is in the hospital, but mother has a TPO against father’s fiancé. Father advised that son does not want to come to his house due to his fiancé possibly being on location. Mother has a family member en-route to come pick up her child.
  • Loud Music on Green St – Ref to vehicles riding through the neighborhood with loud music. Searched the area with negative contact.
  • Shoplifting, Walmart Ref to a white male, 6’02”, facial hair, wearing a grey hat, grey jacket and blue jeans. The male took the jacket and other unknown items without paying for them and left on foot toward Chick-fil-a. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Threats, 4th St – Ref to male (resides in Illinois) making threats to come by the residence where his estranged wife and their two kids reside. Advised that he would be in a silver Scion with Illinois tag. No contact with male at the time of the report and no direct threats made at that time. Male came to the residence around 2030hrs and made threats to female. Hussain Hussain was arrested for terroristic threats and issued a prohibited entry on 4th St.
  • EMS assist, E. Church St – Female on location drinking again. Transported to Clearview again.
  • Suspicious person, W. Spring St – Ref to a 6’05” black male told the clerk, that it would be easy to rob the store. Male subject left in a silver Mitsubishi car. Clerk did not see what the driver looked like. Searched the area with no contact.
  • Unknown law, Davis St – Subject on a 911 only phone only advised Davis St and then disconnected the line. Searched Davis St and had no contact with anyone that appeared to need assistance.
  • 911 hang-up, Lacy St – female advised that Emmett Butler was knocking on her door and she did not want him there. Butler was arrested for Monroe FTA.
  • Demented person, S. Broad St – Complainant advised that his 18-year-old son attempted to hang himself last night. Complainant advised that his son is sleeping now after being medicated. His wife is also a mental patient and is not handling the situation very well. EMS advised family of different options.
  • Theft, Pine Ridge Villas – Complainant advised that his soon to be ex-wife took his bi-polar meds. Negative on theft, Complainant found his meds before officer arrival.
  • Person struck by vehicle, Harris St/Church St – Male’s left arm was hit by the side mirror of a black car while he was walking on Harris St. He had no visible injury to his arm but was transported to Clearview. Searched the area for the black car with no contact.
  • Traffic violation, Hwy 11/Golden Pantry – Male was cited for No Insurance and Unlawful U-Turn. Vehicle was towed.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Hammond Park – Driver was waiting on a friend to give him a ride to Walmart DC.
  • EMS Assist, Davis St. female suffering from high blood pressure not feeling well. Turned over to EMS but being uncooperative.
  • Suspicious Person, E. Spring St. “Spring Street Laundry” Complainant advised white male with backpacks refusing to leave. Video showed male on location. Male gone when officers arrived, but said he would be back tonight. Will pass on to D-shift for extra patrol.
  • Juvenile issue, Maple St. contact made with juvenile 16-year-old who stated he can’t live with his mother. Juvenile was there with his aunt who had just taken him to court and returned him to his mother’s house. Aunt agreed to take juvenile with her and advised she does have guardianship over him. Juvenile agreed to go with her. Situation mediated. Juvenile intake officer was contacted and advised of the above due to Juvenile having a court case pending.
  • Follow up W. Creek Circle. While attempting to make contact with male and female, officer discovered the stolen puppy from last date in a crate in the backyard. Female finally answered the door and advised her son along with another subject brought the puppy there yesterday. Contact was later made with male who denied taking the dog. The puppy was taken and returned to its owner at  Magnolia St. Contact was then made with the 13-yea- old victim who positively identified male as the person who pushed her down and ran away with the dog. Male had left the residence when we attempted to make contact with him again. A warrant will be sworn against male for Robbery by force sudden snatching, Robbery by Force, Cruelty to Children, Report to be completed as follow up to original report..
  • Baron Dr. Called in third party advising they heard arguing. Contact made with husband and wife. Husband was talking on the phone with another girl and she wanted him to leave. Situation mediated parties separated. All ok.
  • Vehicle report taken at MPD Lobby, Male arrived to report the Pinske Truck Stolen. The truck was located at  N. Broad Street prior to the report. Contact made with John McMullen who had possession of the vehicle according to complainant. The truck was a civil employment matter. The truck was turned over to complainant since the rental paperwork was in his name. Conflicting statement between parties over the work arrangements. McMullen arrested for warrants out of WCSO for probation violation.
  • Threats called in third party through Veterans Affairs., Jessica Way. Contact made with 72 year old white male. After speaking with male he agreed to go to Clearview to speak with a doctor. Male did advise he did not want to hurt himself although he did admit to stating he was going to use to propane from his grill to gas himself. Transported to Clearview for evaluation.
  • Civil matter MPD Lobby, Female and her son made a down payment on a vehicle to a female with an agreement of making payments. Female later discovered that female does not own the vehicle and still owes payments on the vehicle which she stopped paying. Female needed a report due to paperwork being in female’s name. Report taken. Civil matter.
  • Civil Dispute, N. Broad St. “Deer Acres” the complainant advised there is no heat in her room and requested a refund to which the clerk denied. Situation mediated complainant was given a refund and left the premises.
  • Vehicle, reckless Hwy., Rowe Road, contact made with Cream color Mitsubishi stopped on W. Spring and Pine Crest. Driver checked ok no violations observed by officers in the City.
  • Juvenile complainant, Carver Place complainant advised. Female advised juvenile ripped her earmuffs off her head while on the bus stop and through them out the window. (8-year-old children), contact made with both parents. Situation resolved.
  • Damage to Property, W. Spring St. “La-fiesta” vehicle on location damaged by another vehicle sometime between Friday and Sunday. Report taken.
  • Illegal Parking, S. Broad St. “WalGreens” contact made with vehicle in handicap space displaying a handicap tag from the rearview mirror.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St. “Chevron” white male subject on location causing a disturbance. Contact made with store clerks. Situation mediated over $20.00 worth of fuel.
  • Magnolia Terrace, , complainant advised her vehicle was struck by a White Van which left the area. Negative contact with second vehicle. Turned over to GSP 490.
  • W. Spring St. “Clearview Medical Center” male cleared after being seen. male given courtesy ride back to his residence on Jessica Way
  • Welfare Check, Pine Park St; 48-year-old female unable to care for herself properly and wanted her to be checked on.  She was ok.
  • Suicide Threat, Baron Drive; male advised his wife was on scene making suicidal threats, nobody came to the door and nobody appeared to be home, attempted to contact the complainant but could not due to a bad phone number.
  • Agency Assist, Monroe Motor Inn; WCSO needed to make contact with subject to advise him that his wife was transported to Clearview.
  • Theft Report, N. Midland Ave; male stated that he started missing items from his yard, nothing of value, declined report just asked for extra patrol.
  • Agency assist with WCSO, Birch Street; WCSO had warrants on subject who was located and arrested, all ok.
  • Vehicle, Chestnut Lane; Comp advised seeing subjects parked in front of abandoned house, subjects were checked out visiting a friend.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Plaza Drive; male 17-year-old in a dispute with his mother, male was packing up his things to stay at a friend’s house on Church Street.  Officer gave subject a courtesy ride to Church St.
  • Dispute, Waffle House N. Broad Street; Female advised that a vehicle followed her from Harrison Poultry in Winder and has been trying to run her off the road, stopped at Waffle House, incident was over male and his new girlfriend, parties separated, incident documented.
  • Juvenile Complaint/Runaway @GW Carver Drive; 15 year old female left the house at about 4:00 and not returned.  Female found at Nowell Street and returned home.
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