MPD Reports: Warrants taken on woman for assault with hammer and vehicle

The following are the latest incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft report, E. Fambrough Ave. Hill Crest Apts.. The complainant advised her purse was stolen last date. Call canceled prior to officer arrival, she found her purse.
  • Suspicious vehicle driving reckless, Green Blazer possibly heading toward Alcovy Street from Jersey area. Passing over double yellow line in County. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Other Law, E. Spring St. “Taylors” Female on location looking to get help back to Tennessee. Transported to the FISH on S. Madison Avenue to see if they could get her a bus ticket. A bus ticket was arranged for female and she was transported back to Taylors to wait on the Bus to Tennessee. All 10/4
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Anonymous caller, Magnolia Terrace, Burgundy Ford Taurus subject inside vehicle waiting on location approximately an hour. Vehicle/subject located in front of Apt.14.Contact made with male subject. Subject was waiting for someone he knew. Sent on his way.
  • Other Law, E. Spring St. “Monroe Motor Inn.” Female was attempting to make contact with the subjects in room # 110 to further help them find a place to stay. Subjects were not on location.  Advised female to call back if she needed us.
  • Suspicious vehicle, Hwy. 11 heading So. Turned onto Church St. Vehicle is pulling a trailer with a grill which was emitting smoke and ambers or wood chip. Grill was ok advised he would secure contents better.
  • Dispute, Stowers Dr. Complainant upset that his 21-year-old daughter had a friend inside the residence to which he didn’t want . Complainant also upset that daughter was moving out with no place to go with her two kids. Complainant referred to DEFACS and given the contact information. Daughter left the residence with the children to stay with a friend. Report will be on file for documentation purposes.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St. Complainant concerned that the neighbors child is playing on a dead tree in the yard. Complainant was concerned over trespassing issues.
  • EMS Assist, Manor Place. The complainant advised her blood sugar was at 19. EMS arrived and checked it and it was actually 154. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person, Stokes St. possible 38-D (drugs) transactions. Checked area negative contact with any 38-D transactions. Subject were sitting in the yard.
  • Theft report, Plaza Dr., Theft of a T.V. complainant declined report. See next call.
  • Dispute, S. Madison Ave. Complainant advised that he was assaulted by male subject and another subject over the above T.V. Complainant declined prosecution and a report.
  • Juvenile complaint, Harris St. Complainant advised her 16-year-old son was not going with his grandmother when asked to do so. Son had left with his grandmother prior to officer arrival. Complainant was advised of further remedies regarding the care and custody of her son.
  • Harassment report MPD Lobby, Complainants reporting harassment that occurred in Bethlehem and the County. Referred to proper agencies.
  • Follow Up Ford Street, Complainant advised he had information pertaining to suspect who was staying at Deer Acres Inn. Suspect has a warrant out of Florida but it is in state pick up only.  Checked Country Club Dr. Contact made with resident who advised that he does get mail for a female at this address and had advised the post office to stop delivering it to this address.
  • Welfare Check, Mayfield Dr. complainant advised 58-year-old-black male was not responding when calling him from the living room. Male was found deceased in the other room . Possibly heart attack and medical issues. EMS responded to this address last date to check on male for complaint of heart. CID # 320 was notified and advised.
  • Suspicious Person  Woodland Road. White male in the area wearing a camo coat and carrying a Duffle bag. Possibly male who has warrants. Negative contact.
  • Dispute, 2050 W. Spring St. “Wal-Mart” Husband and his wife were arguing in the parking lot Husband was barred from Wal-Mart.
  • Juvenile complaint Lakeview Dr. Mother arguing with her 11-year-old daughter, all ok.
  • South Madison Ave. Complainant advised female assaulted her with a hammer then struck a male with her vehicle. WTBT on female for Agg Assault.
  • EMS assist South Broad St.  male having severe vertigo, refused medical treatment.
  • Suspicious vehicle Highway 138 towards Monroe from Walnut Grove. White Ford F10 possibly 10-55. 10-66 area with negative contact.
  • Agency Assist, WCSO, Baker St. check location for two runaways out of Walton County.. Negative contact.
  • Dispute Walton Truck Stop, black male and white female in a white Honda Accord in the back parking lot. checked area with negative contact.
  • EMS Assist, Oak Ridge, 18-month-old difficulty breathing. All ok possible allergic reaction to peanut butter. EMS to transport child for further evaluation.
  • Dispute, Civil over property, Meadow Walk Dr. Subject moving out and a dispute ensued over property given to both of them when they were together. Situation mediated at this time advised to call back if needed.
  • Dispute Verbal, Forrest Lane, arguing over money. Male was GOA and advised she would stay away for the night. No further.
  • Dog Complaint, Fambrough St. loose pit bull in the area. Dog was GOA. Advised to contact animal control next date.
  • Dog complainant Landers St. complainant advised two loose pit bulls in the area. Officer made contact with the owner of one of the canines at Landers Street and advised her to secure her k-9. Animal Control was also advised to check the area the next date for the other K-9.
  • Dispute, Meadow Walk Dr. several other subjects arrived on location to help move but there was nothing moving but their mouths. Subjects advised to stop arguing and get their property out. Anyone else not helping and not living at the location was ordered to leave. Female gathered her belonging and moved out. Officer stood by until all property was removed and subject left.
  • Missing Child, E. Church St. 8yr. old, White male missing from bus at 1635 hours. Contact made with complainant. Advised child was located and picked up by his uncle. All 10/4.
  • Theft report, 2050 W. Spring St. complainant advised her purse was taken. No further at this time. Report will be taken.
  • Theft report  East Church St. Complainant  stated someone entered his garage through a hole in the side sometime in the past two weeks. Lawn tools taken.
  • Request meet with officer 1998 West Spring St., Moe’s. Ex-employee on location wanting to retrieve property and did not want issues to arise. Property retrieved, all ok
  • Civil issue  east Marable St. Female advised of the eviction process.
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