Monroe PD: Man claims aliens trying to break down his door to get him

The following are the latest incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute East Marable St. Complainant advised female trying to throw her stuff out. Complainant advised she can’t throw stuff out without eviction paperwork. Parties separated for the night, all 10-4.
  • Suspicious person, 152 MLK Jr. Blvd., Dunkin Doughnuts. Comp advised they saw an older male and younger female exit the bathroom together. Made contact with couple, male 35 female 19, all ok.
  • Domestic Bridgeport Pl. Complainant stated her husband had a gun to her head. On arrival story changed numerous times before becoming uncooperative. Complainant advised it was verbal only. Parties separated.
  • Ford St. Complainant advised hearing noised by a window. Checked area on foot around her residence with negative contact.
  • Suspicious person Heritage Ridge Dr. three subjects looking into cars, running towards Wellington, checked area with negative contact.
  • Domestic Tanglewood Dr. Called in by passer-by twice. Advised of a fight in the street in a black passenger car and someone pulling hair. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Suspicious vehicle in the area of Plaza Dr. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Rosewood Ln. Ref to loud music at party. Party shut down, all ok
  • Panic Alarm 806 North Broad St., Fuzions. Two separate subjects shot. One transported by life flight to Grady, second with leg GSW went to Clearview. Poss suspect is “Chad” or “Chaz” left scene in gold in color chev SUV, possibly a Tahoe or Suburban, GOA towards Social Circle.
  • New Lacy St. Subject advised aliens were trying to get him.
  • West Spring St., Clearview Medical Request officers due to crowed control.
  • Dispute Harris St. between father and daughter. Call held for aprox 1 hour due to above shooting call. Comp used 911 only phone. Checked area with negative contact.
  • New Lacy St. Subject advised aliens were trying to break his door down. Call held for aprox 1 hour due to above shooting call.
  • New Lacy St. Subject advised aliens were trying to break his door down.
  • New Lacy St. Subject advised aliens were trying to break his door down. Subject called again while officer was on scene, given warning for misuse of 911.
  • Suspicious vehicle 405 Community Ct., Boys and Girls Club. Vehicle in the cemetery.
  • Pine Park St. Subject crying and asking for help. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Assault, Magnolia St. the complainant advised she was assaulted by male who is at Shamrock Dr. The incident occurred on Shamrock Dr. Complainant left and when to Magnolia to report the incident. Checked the residence on Shamrock negative contact with male. Warrants to be taken for battery F.V. Christopher Baker located on Davis Street and arrested.
  • Suspicious Person, 748 W. Spring St. “Quality Foods” parking lot. White female in a blue jacket appeared to be disoriented. Contact made with female. She was just walking around the parking lot. All ok
  • Dispute, 2151 W. Spring St. “Clearview Medical Center” patient in the ICU ward being disorderly with staff. Patient going with withdrawals and was restrained by staff prior to officer’s arrival.
  • Dispute, Buckingham Court and Windsor Dr. Resident advised black male sitting in a vehicle across from his house and would not identify himself. Contact made with private investigator. All ok. Both parties talked with and advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, Lacy St. Female advised male put her belongings outside after a verbal dispute. Male was GOA knowing he had warrants for the other day’s incident.
  • Counterfeit money, MPD parking lot. contact made with complainant who is the manager of Pizza Hut and advised a $50. Bill was collected by one of the delivery drivers last night. Placed into evidence.


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