MPD Reports: Woman attacks man with hammer, gasoline and attempts to set him alight

The following are the latest incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Domestic Verbal, Davis St.. dispute between male and female over infidelity and for female to get her vehicle fixed. Both subjects intoxicated. Parties separated and female left walking to stay with a friend.
  • Unknown, N. Madison Ave. E. Highland Ave. Skydiver in the area came down in the cemetery, Tandem jump with emergency shoot deployed. Second Shoot in the trees behind 107 Davis St. All ok no injuries
  • Suspicious Person Barrett Street. Fled from abandon vehicle on Barrett St. White male subject ran from officer when she attempted to get out with him. Van left in dirt lot behind the old mill. Tag returned to male on  Radford St. Negative contact with registered owner. Vehicle has no insurance and suspended tag. Next list Jay’s, impounded to their lot. Driver identified as having warrants out of Pardons and Parole.
  • Suspicious Person, S. Madison Ave. Black male looking for his cousin. Then asked for money. Subject was GOA. negative contact.
  • Assault Report, 116 S. Broad St. MPD parking lot. Contact made with the complainant who advised she was pushed by a co-worker at Wal-Mart on the 26th.  No signs of injury. Complainant complained her back was sore. Was advised of the warrant process report taken.
  • Theft report, S. Broad St., complainant advised she was missing the sims card out of her cell phone. She suspects male of taking it.
  • Suspicious Person’s  Walton Road. white male and female running through the complainants front yard. Complainant did not want to meet with officers. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Disabled Vehicle, 319 S. Broad St. “CVS” parking lot. Contact made with vehicle and driver advised vehicle was running hot and waiting for it to cool down. Officer followed to Claywill Circle.
  • Juvenile complaint, Lakeview Dr. complainant advised her 11-year-old daughter is cursing. Mother was referred to daughters probation officer. Report to be filed for documentation purposes only.
  • Dispute, Pine Park, several subjects on location disputing over property. The complainant was GOA.
  • Juvenile complaint, S. Broad St., complaining about kids playing in her yard. Juveniles were located and advised to stay out of her yard.
  • Juvenile complaint, King St. the complainant stated a neighborhood kid lit some of the yard on fire but did not know who the child was. Report taken
  • Juvenile complaint, Claywill Circle, Mother advising her 16-year-old son being disrespectful. Son counseled situation mediated.
  • Illegal Parking 2050 W. Spring St. Wal-Mart, Gray GM parked in Handicap zone with no handicap tag. Negative contact.
  • Dispute  Claywheel Cir. 16-year-old upset about mother taking xbox1 away. Situation mediated.
  • Dispute, Harris St. Father and son in dispute over family problems. Son damaged door in bedroom and left the area.
  • Threats  Bell St., Female advised she heard voices saying someone is going to kill her and her neighbors tonight. All ok.
  • Irving St. group of juveniles fighting were GOA. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Request to check area at Cemetery at Madison and East Spring Ref to seeing a light. Checked area with negative contact
  • Dispute Ridge Rd. Husband and wife arguing. Husband threw a dip spit bottle on his wife, arrested for simple battery.
  • Civil issue Parking lot of the PD. Female stated she gave a friend an iphone and they have not paid this month’s bill. Civil process explained.
  • Dispute Irving St. Female stated she was choke slammed and smacked by Antonio Brown. Brown barricaded inside of the residence before coming to the door. Brown was arrested for simple battery.
  • Dispute East Fambrough St. Negative contact with anyone at residence. Dispatch advised caller was uncooperative.
  • Assault Towler St. Female hit male in the head with a hammer aprox 5-6 times and poured gas on him and attempted to set him on fire. Additional Aggravated assault warrants to be taken.
  • Warrant attempt Magnolia Terr. Consent to search residence for female. Negative contact.
  • Suspicious 145 MLK Jr. Blvd. Applebee’s. Manager advised of a w/m in blue P/u in the parking lot causing a disturbance.
  • Warrant attempt South Madison Ave., Felker Park, for a female Located vehicle in the back soccer field area. Subjects given warning for criminal trespass.
  • Loud music in the area of Bridgeport Pl. Checked area with negative contact.
  • Request to check area South Madison Ave. in ref to female with a warrant possibly being on location.  Checked area of residence on foot, negative contact.
  • Warrant attempt Gatewood Way. denied entry to search for Mattie King.
  • West Spring St., Waffle House. Comp requested welfare check of children at on Carwood Dr.
  • Welfare check Carwood Dr. Juveniles checked ok, however mother’s boyfriend, Thomas Martin was arrested for Walton County Sheriff’s Office and Oconee County Sheriff’s Office  warrants.


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